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The diaphragms are cut on the latest state of the art laser cutters & are of superior precision & … The right original Rexroth Spare Parts – quickly and reliably. Parts include (to name a few): armatures, rotors, points, condensers, caps, coils, voltage regulators, brushes, bushings, bearings, Bendix, vacuum advances, etc. Get the best deals on Distributors & Parts for Mercedes-Benz 450SL when you shop the largest online selection at It distributes the high-voltage generated by the ignition coil to the spark plugs. Distributor Parts Sales % Generator Parts Sales % Fuel/Water Pump Sales % Starter Parts … Mercedes Rebuild - $680.00. 91160292501 $65.00 The Fuel Distributor is the heart of the K/KE-Jetronic fuel injection system, its job is to accurately meter the correct amount of fuel to each cylinder through the fuel injectors. This kit will service the following cast iron duel distributors that contain a stainless steel diaphragm: 0438100027. CFI rebuilds Bosch distributor parts using OEM or original spec. 1 product rating - 0438100062 Repair (Rebuild) Kit for Bosch Fuel Distributor Audi 4000/5000 2.2 Bosch is an original equipment manufacturer and supplier for most ignition products that they carry in their aftermarket program. This is an economical replacement distributor. WE ALSO DO REBUILDS FOR REPAIR SHOPS AND PARTS VENDORS. The vaccuum-retard mechanism rotates the point plate. 6 new & refurbished from $88.91. Each part is cleaned and inspected, including the housing, main shaft, drive gear, breaker plates, distributor weights and springs. The distributor for the 356-C is shown in the C supplement parts book only as … 096400-1330 cav head rotor,delphi rotors,diesel head rotor,096400-1441 bosch distributor rebuild kit If the fuel distributor or warm-up regulator you need is not in stock, Flowtech will rebuild yours. Testing. Being a leading company for engineering equipment with the largest product range worldwide for industrial hydraulics, electric drives and controls, linear motion and assembly technology, tightening technology, and welding technology, Rexroth is the ideal partner for the supply of new spare parts… The air drawn in by the airflow sensor changes the position of the airflow sensor plate in the airflow sensor. If the rest of the fuel and ignition system is well tuned but the car doesn't accelerate cleanly, the problem may lie in the distributor advance mechanism. Free shipping on many items ... Mercedes Benz 350SL 450SL 450SLC Bosch Distributor Cap-with Threaded Stud. Bosch DOT 3 brake fluids are suitable for older vehicles. The two plates are lubricated with Bosch grease from the factory, and could be stuck together by congealed grease. The Bosch distributor on the 1800's is part number 0 231 115 048 and is made of cast iron. _____ Quality Bosch/VW/Pierburg restored parts *Site in progress* Distributor rebuild/restoration services. The control plunger of the fuel distributor is correspondingly deflected by means of a … Parts are bead blasted as … Professionals choice for Bosch Fuel distributor rebuild & repair kits ... layer of the loctite glue with a pencil to the surfaces of the 2 cast iron parts of the CIS distributor. Flowtech stocks most common Bosch fuel distributors and warm-up regulators. At Repco we house a great range of distributor parts at great prices, allowing you to service your distributor and eliminate any pesky misfire problems. Mercedes Rebuild Fuel Distributor 0438100111 Euro 380 500 Sl Slc Sel Se Sec 107 replacement parts to achieve like-new appearance and function. Article number: 1 237 330 801 . Dealing with them is a pretty labor-consuming task that requires a lot of time and spare parts. Fuel distributors fail because of contamination caused by an unclean fuel supply or the deterioration of the rubber seals and other components inside the … Advance at distributor should fall between limits on the plot. I find 404dollar quit a lot of money , for 30-50euro I buy a used replacement unit which can be made leakproof … Checking and … Distributor issues are one of the leading causes of misfires in older vehicles, while annoying enough on their own, if left alone a misfire can cause serious engine damage. The information for 356-A's and 356-B's is fairly consistent, Porsche Parts Book v. Bosch Service Manual. A replacement interval of at least once a year is recommended. Bosch fiber washers, extra wide shims, lubricating wick and felt, and new plastic parts for the shaft washer as well as the advance weight washers have been used for rebuild. It's not as hard as everyone makes it out to be. Disclaimer: Names and/or images are trademarks and/or copyrights of their respective owners. We no longer carry the genuine Bosch (they got too expensive), and refuse to sell THE CHEAP CHINESE and TAIWAN JUNK COPIES. C $114.12 Buy It Now; Calculate Shipping Bosch cis K Jetronic fuel injection metering distributor rebuild kit for 928 (1978-1995) models. II can fully restore your Bosch distributor back to 100% functionality. BOSCH Condenser, ignition. BOSCH - VW DISTRIBUTOR INFORMATION TUNE UP PART NUMBERS – mostly USA Many sources were used, the main ones were: -May 1968 BOSCH Fast Moving Parts Catalog AE2000-1i June 1968, Jan 1971, Mar 1972, Nov 1973 - Bosch Ignition Parts catalogs from 1978, 1983, 1984 and 1996 - Volkswagen Parts Books - … The Bosch Service Manual indicates distributor VE 4 BRS 383 was used thru 11/55. There is now a solution to this problem. The Bosch type three fuel injector has a plastic upper retainer that provides support for the upper fuel o ring. We also have been known to rebuild starters, generators, distributors. With the K-Jetronic, the preparation is performed by the mixture control unit which consists of a fuel distributor and an airflow sensor. Professionals choice for Bosch Fuel distributor rebuild & repair kits Professionals choice for Bosch Fuel distributor rebuild & repair kits Professionals choice for Bosch Fuel distributor rebuild & repair kits Professionals choice for Bosch Fuel distributor rebuild & repair kits. The triggering of the ignition sparks is either done by a contact set (contact-triggered ignition) or by a Hall or induction sensor (contact-less ignition). About Bosch. ... Bosch Fuel Injector O Ring Retainers. Learn more. This 009 distributor comes with a new cap, rotor, points, and condenser. Finally, such cars may not be fixed sometimes. Now let us have a look how Bosch KE-Jetronic fuel injection system can be diagnosed and repaired on an example of Audi 100 2.3i AAR. tons of videos on youtube just search "Bosch Fuel distributor rebuild" their are many different types but they all follow similar rebuild paths. Examination and diagnosis Re-build. Effective 11/30/2014: Bosch has drastically increased the price of rebuild parts so I'll have to increase the cost of rebuilding your core and buying a distributor outright. 911-602-925-01 Bosch Distributor Rotor 7100RPM Rev Limit. Bosch K-Jet and KE-Jet. Each fuel distributor is bench tested and calibrated. Learn more. $88.91. If you have any questions, please call 1-877-ADVANCE (238-2623) or visit any Advance Auto Parts store. If your distributor isn’t working correctly, you’re gonna have a bad time. Mr Injector parts is your resource for hard to find injector rebuild parts. The Porsche number for this distributor is 616 602 201 04. The Advance Auto Parts core charge presented to you online today with your item is representative of the most common core charge. 04012 Bosch Distributor Rotor New for Mercedes VW 250 280 Volkswagen Beetle 912 (Fits: Volkswagen Beetle) 5 out of 5 stars (2) 2 product ratings - 04012 Bosch Distributor Rotor New for Mercedes VW 250 280 Volkswagen Beetle 912 A ball bearing and spring-loaded assembly tensions the upper plate to the lower plate. If the cases are broken or cracked, parts missing and extra labor would have to be added to repair the unit, then they are not considered a re-buildable core and the core charge is not refundable or it will be applied. But after a high mileage you may find that the engine isn't running quite as it should. When rebuilding a distributor, I start by completely disassembling the distributor including removing the bushings. Distributor Rebuild Kit for the Cast Iron 022 This kit is for the 4 cylinder Bosch 0 231 129 022 cast iron distributor used in the Porsche 356C, 356SC and 912 models. Maby some usefull pics for the rebuild . Pierburg fuel pump rebuild services. Click Here to start. _____ Rebuild Parts for Bosch Distributors. DOT 3 brake fluid should not be mixed with other brake fluids or mineral oil fluids. With age these can become brittle and crack. Distributors are completely rebuilt … However the precision of your timing will be impacted by the play caused by wear in the moving parts, which is caused… Diaphragm is included. New listing 0438100116 Repair Kit for Bosch Fuel Distributor Audi 1.7/4000 VW Golf/Jetta (Fits: Volkswagen). Bosch distributor rebuild services - Porsche, VW Price: SPECIAL $175-$225: Rebuild services for original Bosch cast iron and aluminum body distributors for early Porsche, VW, Mercedes, Volvo, Alfa, Fiat and others. They typically remain in benign neglect since they apparently continue to work with no issues. Free shipping. More modern vehicles with ESP® and ABS require DOT 4 and higher specified brake fluids. Bosch distributors are found on many different cars and are generally very reliable. This includes re bright zinc plating the original external steel parts. The ignition distributor is the component of the ignition system with most functions. So the best alternate is the unit made in North America! The 1955 Porsche Parts Book seems to confirm this. All metal screw and clips have been zinc coated. Checked to be in spec with a recently restored and calibrated Sun distributor testing machine. 97 ... Bosch fuel distributor Ferrari 208 Turbo 82-89 Ferrari 208 Turbo GTB, GTS, 86-90 Mercedes 83, 380's & 500's … Fits 911, 1965-1968 911, 911L, 1967-1968 911T, 1969-1973 911E. … The maximum advance (set by the rev limiting rotor) is 6500RPM. I seriously doubt if many of the distributor internal parts are still available. I rebuilt a 931 distributor. All are checked for wear and tolerances measured. It does NOT come with the O-ring! Here in the best sold BOSCH Distributor and parts section you can decide between the different well-known brands of spare parts, as well as other top spare parts, and order them online.-39%. screamer kit blue, with empi 9441-b electronic 009 distributor & bosch blue coil, for vw bug, beetle, ghia, bus, type 3 4.8 out of 5 stars 14 $160.97 $ 160 .

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