how did the cold war end

On April 21, South Vietnamese President Nguyen Van Thieu and his government resigned. It didn’t. The death of the Soviet Union marked the curtain call of the Cold War. The incident forced Kennedy to grow in office. The group remained on alert and met continuously but were split between those who wanted to take military action and those that wanted a diplomatic solution.On October 22nd Kennedy made the news of the installations public and announced that he would place a naval blockade around Cuba to prevent Russian missiles from reaching the bases. The Cultural Revolution and the Great Leap Forward were among the mistakes, but among the things Mao had done right were making China once again a great power, maintaining the political monopoly of the Communist Party, and opening relations with the United States as a counterweight to the Soviet Union. He argued that having resolved the problem of military defense, the free world “could undertake what has been too long delayed—a political offensive.”Eisenhower rejected liberation as too aggressive and the policy of containment as he understood it as too passive, selecting instead deterrence, with an emphasis on air and sea power. For Truman, a commitment to justice was the overriding principle. In late 1991 the Soviet Union itself dissolved into its component republics. Just as the Truman Doctrine, the Marshall Plan, and NATO had done, the document calls for a free world to which, at a minimum, the Soviet Union must adjust. Historians do not fully … Although a virtual pariah at home, the Soviet leader was greeted by large, friendly American crowds. The document agrees with Truman’s view that the Soviets acted ideologically and with irrational suspicion at the same time. Kennedy, in particular, was pushing for a ban and was optimistic about succeeding.It never happened. The Cold War: Containment . While communist regimes remained in China, North Korea and Cuba, the perceived threat of Soviet imperialism had been lifted from the world. The doctrine was part of Reagan’s overarching strategy to pressure the Soviets at their political, economic, military, and moral weak spots, build up Western strength, and press for victories on key Cold War battlefields. The heads of the military, General Earle Wheeler of the Army, Admiral George Anderson of the Navy, General David Shoup of the Marines, and LeMay of the Air Force, along with the head of the Joint Chiefs, Maxwell Taylor, saw the blockade as ineffective and in danger of making the U.S. look weak. In Margaret Thatcher’s words, Ronald Reagan had ended the Cold War without firing a shot. It turned out to be “Vietnamization,” the turning over of the ground fighting to South Vietnamese forces, backed by U.S. air power. But a key Reagan decision was to supply Stinger ground-to-air missiles, which the mujahideen promptly used to shoot down the Soviet helicopters that had kept them on the defensive for years.In Latin America, the Sandinistas were not only establishing a Leninist state in Nicaragua but supporting communist guerrillas in El Salvador and elsewhere. They thought the U.S. had capitulated and, in the end, looked weak. Encouraged by the Ayatollah Khomeini, the de facto leader of the country, militant Iranians paraded through the streets calling America the “great Satan.” They seized the U.S. embassy in Teheran and held fifty-two Americans as hostages for fourteen and a half months.Carter made the mistake of admitting publicly that he felt the same helplessness that a powerful person feels when his child is kidnapped. Campaigning for the presidency in the fall of 1968, Nixon said that the United States should “seek a negotiated end to the war” in Vietnam while insisting that “the right of self-determination of the South Vietnamese people” had to be respected by all nations, including North Vietnam. Gorbachev arrived in a somber mood, conscious that his country’s economy was nearing free fall and nationalist pressures were splitting the Soviet Union. Talks between Nikita Khrushchev and Dwight Eisenhower concerning the fate of Germany broke down when a USA U2 spy plane was shot down over Russian airspace.

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