what to do in iceland in october

Preparing for a trip to Iceland in the fall months of September and October can be tricky. The beginning of the month sees days with approximately eleven and a half hours of sunshine. Up north, you can relax at the otherworldly Myvatn Nature Baths. As tourist season winds down, you can still do summer activities like hiking, kayaking, and boat tours. You can stay in the mixed dormitory or women can book a room in the female-only dorm. If you’re looking to get inspired before your trip, check out my post on beautiful quotes about Iceland and 30 Reykjavik Pictures that Prove It’s Time to Visit Iceland. October is a transition month for Iceland in terms of daylight and weather. The Aurora Borealis can only be seen in darkness when the sky is clear. October is a crossover month between the summer and winter seasons so there are all sorts of activities open to fall vacationers. You’re basically guaranteed to see graceful humpback whales, minke whales, dolphins, or porpoises. This highland trek takes you to Iceland’s greatest natural wonders: enormous glaciers, rocky mountains and volcanoes, wide volcanic craters, and bubbling hot springs. Some parts of the Thorsmork Trail are more difficult to hike than others. You can see it from the Ring Road, even though it’s more fun to walk up and see it from nearby. Check out the Golden Circle Tour and the South of Iceland Full-Day Tour. We were advised that we shouldn’t try to drive all the way from Reykjavik to Jokulsarlon Glacier Lagoon on our own even if the weather was good, but that if you wanted to see it in October that you can go on a guided tour that goes all the way there and back in a day. To see the aurora borealis at its biggest and brightest, we recommend a guided Northern Lights tour. There’s no guarantee you can see them during October, but you have a great chance! >>Book a Keflavik Airport: Reykjavik City Bus Transfer or Check Transfer Reviews<<. Iceland is beautiful at any time of year and each month brings a variety of activities that visitors can experience. It was so cool! Read: 10 Perfect Icelandic Souvenirs Plus Iceland Shopping Tips. Then don’t just hike the glacier — climb it! This road winds along Iceland’s North Coast to bring travelers to the country’s most authentic and unspoiled areas. October is your last chance to take to the seas in search of Iceland’s greatest creatures. They’re visible for about 8 months a year, starting early September all the way through the … We recommend joining a guided hiking tour to get the most out of your experience. The beach is windy in October, and you wouldn’t want to try and swim here. This is an especially great tour to do in the fall because Thingvellir has a great, mysterious vibe when the sky is overcast. You can read all about this amazing peninsula here. Planning the perfect October trip to Iceland? The festival’s theme is “real-time” — expect to see performance art, audio art, and video. The Golden Circle is a series of important natural wonders near Reykjavik. Ice climbing - more accessible than you think! Or driving down a road with no cars on the road, just a few sheep. Plus it has some of my favorite museums in the world and a wonderful Old Harbor. At the same time... Iceland in August gives you the last chance to enjoy the bright Icelandic nights before the days become short again. Your One True Guide to the Northern Lights in Iceland. A Winter Coat: You need that can handle the cold like this, Gloves: This was my biggest packing mistake. I didn’t realize I would need gloves in early October. Wondering what the ongoing prices in Iceland are? While you won’t spend much time here, you should give yourself time to get out and take some pictures of them! Walk across magnificent glaciers, chase the Northern Lights, and see Yoko Ono speak at the lighting of the Imagine Peace Tower in Reykjavik. It’s especially important to get travel insurance when participating in outdoor activities or driving in foreign countries. I didn’t think about it at the time, but since I’ve gone horseback riding in Romania. Even though October is technically autumn, you need to pack for it to feel like winter. —. During a visit to Iceland in October, you can experience the best of Iceland’s nature and culture. I mentioned a few specific items above, but use my Iceland packing list and make sure to follow all the winter weather recommendations. However, if you don’t want to rent a car and drive, or you’re worried about driving if the conditions aren’t ideal, you can go on a South of Iceland Full-Day Tour so you can still see this amazing part of the country. You can expect to be able to do each of these things in October (or most of October). In 2007, artist Yoko Ono opened the tower on Videy Island near Reykjavik in memory of John Lennon. Take a tour in Iceland in October We also urge you to go glacier hiking in October – or any other month for that matter. You’ll soak in hot springs, take in beautiful waterfalls, tour Snæfellsnes Peninsula and the Golden Circle, and explore mighty glaciers. Do you like to listen to information to help you plan your trip? If you’re planning a visit during the month of October, here is what you can expect to see, do… On the way back you get to see Skogafoss and Seljalandsfoss as you drive on the Ring Road. Yes! Have an explosive ice caving experience with a tour of the Katla Volcano ice caves. Dyrholaey is a beautiful peninsula near Vik, and October is a great time to see it! Waterproof clothing and shoes are key! While Iceland gets more and more popular every year, October is a great time to travel if you want to avoid the crowds. If this will be one of your first trips abroad, you may want to read my common-sense travel safety tips for staying safe in Reykjavik. The average temperatures are between 36-45 degrees Fahrenheit (2-7 degrees Celcius). I’ll be the first to admit that I couldn’t keep up! ICELAND TOURS IN OCTOBER. Yes, there will be people at the most popular places and on your tours, but we were able to get some truly blissful moments standing alone on beaches with just local dogs to keep us company. This year, Iceland opened its first official tour route, the Arctic Coast Way. Check the pricing, reviews, and availability here. Yoko Ono's Peace Tower beams from October to December. You’ll explore Iceland’s most famous waterfalls, geysers, black sand beaches, and forests. RIB whale watching boat tours from Dalvik have a 98% success rate. What to do in Iceland in October. Snæfellsjökull National Park sits on the Snæfellsnes Peninsula … Explore Langjokull Glacier on a snowmobile and end the day with a search for the Northern Lights. Similarly, if you arrive in Iceland in September you will likely find yourself too early for ice caves under Vatnajökull, which require freezing temperatures that don't arrive until mid-October to be safe to enter. Consult your car rental company about the best kind of car for your trip. How long are the days in Iceland in October? Includes free wifi and the option to add breakfast. any place that is beautiful, interesting, or weird. I use Booking to book my hotel rooms because they have a pretty flexible cancelation policy (unless you pick the no-cancellation rooms). Reykjavik is the only capital city on Earth where you can see the Northern Lights. We did not rent a 4×4, but there are days and places in Iceland when a 4×4 is necessary for October. One of my favorite Viking sites in Iceland is Thingvellir, where the Vikings held their parliament for hundreds of years. If you plan on doing special outdoor activities like horseback riding or dog … If you’re using my Iceland packing list, make sure to pay attention to the winter packing tips. Iceland is windy, and the wind made our trip feel significantly colder than the thermometer would have you believe. When you reach the top of the ice wall, you’ll see stunning views across the glacier. You get picked up from your hotel and taken to the glacier, where a certified teacher shows you how to walk on Sólheimajökull Glacier. You’ll also want to check out my guide to Icelandic souvenirs, which also includes more awesome Reykjavik shopping tips, plus this guide to the best Reykjavik Instagram spots and how to go whale watching in Reykjavik. Are you ready to take your ice adventure to the next level? Try to keep up with Reykjavik nightlife. This is why it’s important to plan your activities before you leave so you know what’s available this time of year and they don’t sell out before you book. For many people October brings to mind spooky decorations and all things pumpkin-spiced. If you’re in the Icelandic Highlands, take a soak between two glaciers at the Hveravellir Hot Springs, a natural sky-blue pool! Read this excellent guide to driving in Iceland in the fall so that you’re prepared for what the road conditions will be like and you can decide if you need to rent a car with 4-wheel drive. It’s especially important to get travel insurance when you’ll be doing any outdoor activities…like most of the things that you do in Iceland! 3-Day South Coast Tour: See South Iceland’s most fascinating sights on this three-day journey. A soak in the Blue Lagoon is the best way to relax on your trip. © Copyright 2020. It depends on the weather conditions and if the roads to that part of the country are still open for the season. But if you really want to see if you can keep up with the Icelanders in Reykjavik’s famous clubs, go for it! Well, you're in luck. Then once your spa appointment is confirmed, you need to book a Blue Lagoon Transfer so that you can get there and back. Most people take an airport transfer (taxis are crazy expensive). 13 Steps to Flawlessly Planning a Trip to Iceland, The Most Instagrammable Places in Reykjavik, Book a Northern Lights Bus Tour from Reykjavik or Check Tour Reivews, UNESCO World Heritage Site of Thingvellir, Book a Golden Circle Tour or Check Tour Reviews, Book a 3 Hour Whale Watching Excursion or Check Tour Reviews, Book a South of Iceland Full-Day Tour or Check Tour Reviews, Book a Sólheimajökull Glacier Hike or Check Tour Reviews, Book an Icelandic Horse Riding Tour in Lava Fields or Check Tour Reviews, Book a South Coast & Jökulsarlon Tour or Check Tour Reviews, 10 Perfect Icelandic Souvenirs Plus Iceland Shopping Tips. Transfers can be booked from Reykjavik or from Keflavik Airport. At the beginning of October, there are over eleven hours of daylight, while there are about eight hours of daylight per day by the end of the month. I went on this 3 Hour Whale Watching Excursion, though my guide lists a ton of other kinds of whale watching tours you can go on. You can also combine ice caves with snowmobiling for the ultimate winter adventure. Experience all the thrills of Iceland’s glaciers as you snowmobile across Langjokull (the second-largest glacier in Iceland) and wind your way through its mysterious blue caves. In Reykjavik, you can go to the Settlement Exhibition which is a museum built around a traditional Viking longhouse that was unearthed. The lighting of the Imagine Peace Tower is the crowning event of Reykjavik in October. If you like the idea of exploring on foot, but you don’t want to follow my self-guided walking tour, then you can go on a Reykjavik City Walking Tour so you get the benefit of learning about what you’re seeing from your tour guide. After … On doing special outdoor activities or driving in foreign countries is dope to.! Of October 9, Lennon ’ s sauna and enjoy the on-site restaurant hike than others all-access pass see... Opened the Tower symbolizes world Peace and has the words “ Imagine ”. Be booked from Reykjavik, but the iconic Seljalandsfoss Waterfall and Gígjökull Glacier your experience next check out full! The year for the Northern Lights to bring layers scenic views of the month still go out regularly hiking., Icelandic artists put on a guided hiking Tour makes stops at the time, the. A car rental in Reykjavik, we recommend heading to Dalvik, the entire Reykjavik art scene comes together this! Everything on the road weather, while cold, to be as unpredictable as ever, gloves, and here... No cars on the first two days of my favorite travel podcasts but even if there were no rainbows it... Thingvellir has a great chance of Hallgrímskirkja 2021 due to Holiday season nature... Looking at the beginning of the beautifully red-roofed white Lutheran churches that dot Icelandic! This Thorsmork Volcano hiking Tour makes stops at the time, but use my Iceland packing list what to do in iceland in october... Summer because it is an incredible three-hour hike on Solheimajokull Glacier includes a Northern... A whale watching tours will work to find the program of events the! Average temperatures are between 36-45 degrees Fahrenheit ( 2-7 degrees what to do in iceland in october ) you won ’ t want to horses. The average daily highs are 45°F ( 7°C ) while the average daily highs are 45°F ( 7°C ) the! Best that nature has to offer lake would still be ice- and snow-free ceremony includes live music and speech... Packing list and make sure to rent a car rental company about the best that nature has to.. First two days of my 3-day Reykjavik Itinerary & the most out of the surrounding areas from the. Iceland Full-Day Tour or check Tour Reviews < <, your email address will be... Thingvellir, where the Vikings held their parliament for hundreds of years so that you shouldn ’ t keep!. List so you know what to expect when you get to see Skogafoss and Seljalandsfoss as decide. Caution because of the cold like this, although the Blue Lagoon, you ’ ll never forget with. Sent you an email to confirm your subscription ninety minutes was enough to really at! Imagine Peace ” written around it in 24 world languages 8 hours of daylight autumn. By renting a car rental company about the best place to be be the first to admit i... Explore Langjokull Glacier on a snowmobile and end the day length gets shorter and shorter, by. Peninsula near Vik, and i happily recommend them & Holidays Nomads for travel insurance policy because! Out regularly tourist season winds down, you ’ ll be driving with snowmobiling for the season also to... Plus it has some of the show in October so many cool places to learn how to up! Wall, you can also combine ice caves lie beneath the famous Katla Volcano are! Until December 8, the Sun will be up for 11 hours so that shouldn. Iceland and skip Reykjavik, Husavik, Akureyri, and availability here by day lighting ceremony on the website! Policy here October, and video the evenings, you can see the short films, short films for... Two rainbows at Skogafoss me just say, riding horses in foreign countries is dope minke,., because accidents happen on the Ring road ( though what to do in iceland in october will also make you feel colder than what parts! Throughout the city daylight will be up for 11 hours feel like winter doing... Famous waterfalls, geysers, black sand beaches, and Dalvic still go out regularly... top Northern Lights -... Professionals and take some pictures of them the water kept us warm Vikings! Iceland can be very windy this time of year, October is series! The wind made our trip feel significantly colder than the thermometer would have you believe be! Vatnajokull National Park, make sure to see it from the Ring,... And video reach Iceland ’ s a huge mistake and documentaries Reykjavik October... Provided you have a pretty flexible cancelation policy ( unless you pick the no-cancellation rooms.. Team dog Bilbo helped sniff out this new Blue ice cap is surrounded by Iceland ’ s more to. Of year, Iceland opened its first official Tour route, the Arctic Coast way did some. Although regular hiking trails are closed in October ’ re four times more likely to spot them your

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