standards for instructional supervision

The standards in this book will enhance teaching and learning. (Chapter 16)Presentation of a new tool for evaluating professional development sessions. *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. (Chapter 2)An entirely new chapter, "The Dynamic School." *FREE* shipping on eligible orders. Standard B: Culture & Communication An ethical and effective instructional supervisor engages with stakeholders to create and sustain an inclusive, respectful, and studentcentered - culture of collaboration and communication that results in improved student learning. DOI link for Standards for Instructional Supervision, Standards for Instructional Supervision book. Standards for Instructional Supervision. The standards in this book will enhance teaching and learning. Chapters on knowledge, interpersonal skills, technical skills, technical tasks, and cultural tasks for successful supervision and instructional leadership are included, and the authors emphasize the importance of collegiality, understanding adult learning and development, reflective inquiry, democracy, addressing diversity, the change process, and community building. The list of the book’s contributors reads like a “Who’s Who” in the field of instructional supervision. Rent or Buy Standards for Instructional Supervision - 9781596670112 by Gordon, Stephen P. for as low as $3.30 at Up to 90% off Textbooks at Amazon Canada. View Larger Image Standards for Instructional Supervision GORDON, STEVEN. (Chapter 6)Role plays to practice directive control, directive informational, collaborative, and nondirective behavior. Standards for instructional Supervision will serve as a guide to the entire developmental process of supervision, the instructional leaders and the teacher who will get the support. These standards are practical, specific, and flexible, so that schools and districts can adapt them to their own contexts and goals. Author: National Education Association of the United States, The Journal of the National Education Association, Publisher: American Society for Training and Development, Author: National Education Association of the United States. It will be useful for all levels of experience from novice to advanced supervisors. Standards for Instructional Supervision book. These standards are practical, specific, and flexible, so that schools and districts can adapt them to … Connections across chapters and directions for future considerations help summarize and synthesize information. 1 (1920), The Bhaiksuki Manuscript of the Candralamkara, French Riviera and Provence Marco Polo Map, Essays in Occultism, Spiritism, and Demonology, The Neural Basis of Oral and Facial Function, National Education Association of the United States, National Education Association of the United States. (Chapter 13)Role plays on group roles. While focusing on four key content areas – Mathematics, Science, English/Language Arts, and Social Studies – this book also provides supervision tools for other content areas (foreign languages, fine arts, physical education, etc.) You became a school leader after succeeding in your particular content area and/or grade level. Wepner, Strickland, and Quatroche are exceptional educators and researchers who bring together some of the leading literacy experts to address issues that are so critical in this age of common core state standards. Standards for Instructional Supervision. Contributors: Moises Aguirre, Kathryn H. Au, Rita M. Bean, M. Susan Burns, Jill Castek, Patricia A. Edwards, Douglas Fisher, Elena Forzani, Nancy Frey, Jennifer L. Goeke, James V. Hoffman, Barbara Kapinus, Clint Kennedy, Julie K. Kidd, Diane Lapp, Donald J. Leu, Maryann Mraz, Jeanne R. Paratore, Taffy E. Raphael, Kristen D. Ritchey, Adrian Rodgers, Emily M. Rodgers, Misty Sailors, Elizabeth V. Strode, Jacquelyn S. Sweeney, Jo Anne L. Vacca, Richard T. Vacca, Jaime Madison Vasquez, Jean Payne Vintinner, MaryEllen Vogt “Only the most valuable of academic texts gets to a fifth edition. The book provides numerous tools specifically designed to collect a variety of data in classrooms to improve instruction. Part I. (eBook epub) - bei If I were to do a column ‘What’s Hot in Literacy/Reading Texts,’ this volume would undoubtedly be at the top of the list.” —From the Foreword by Jack Cassidy, past president, International Reading Association “This fifth edition is a timely and most welcome addition to my professional library. (Chapter 16)Exploration of dialogue as an alternative form of group process. 30990675 Howick Place | London | SW1P 1WG © 2020 Informa UK Limited, Gordon, S. (2006). - ensure accountability of teachers who use multiple intelligences, brain-based learning, and other innovations. This book is a ‘must’ in a time when it is essential for literacy leaders to keep up with the fast pace of what is happening in the field of reading. Growing numbers of educators and professors look to the six bimonthly issues to: deal with problems directly related to contemporary school leadership practice teach courses on school leadership and policy use as a quality reference in writing articles about school leadership and improvement.

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