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Reminding God of His word is biblical. All His promises will be fulfilled, according to His “timetable.” NOTE: That Promise will come through on the exact day and at the exact moment He has planned it and not one minute of worry will change it. What do you need to remind God (and yourself) that He promised you? "I have told you these things, so that in me you may have peace. — Nehemiah 8:10. Has God promised something to you in Scripture that you have yet to see fulfilled? Do not grieve, for the joy of the Lord is your strength. “How long, Lord?   Twitter God’s promises are energizing; they give us courage, and courage helps us get moving to do what needs to be done. Remind Him. —C.S. The Hebrew words for “remember” — zakar — and “not forget” — lo shakach — are both in an active tense. The book of Esther tells us emotion was banned from the king’s courts (Esther 4:2), yet Nehemiah did not hold back his emotion. We may humbly remind Him of what He has said. In the Bible, even Abraham, Jacob, and Moses, put God in remembrance of His promises to them. Image from a trial (Isa 1:18; 41:1). Those who read it quickly understand the amazing things that God can provide them. In just the same way, zū is connected with the previous noun as a demonstrative, by means of makkeph, in Exodus 15:13, Exodus 15:16; Psalm 9:16; Psalm 62:12; Psalm 142:4; Psalm 143:8, and by means of a subsidiary accent in Psalm 10:2; Psalm 12:8. Let us plead together - Hebrew, 'Let us be judged together' (see the note at Isaiah 41:1). Joshua 23:14 NIV. What I mean by that is that the heroes of the faith in scripture constantly appealed to God by both recounting to him the works that he had accomplished and the promises he had made to his people. The Bible says if you let the word of Jesus live in you in, other words live by that word, you can ask the Father anything and he will give it to you. “And now, O LORD God, confirm forever the word that you have spoken concerning your servant and concerning his house, and do as you have spoken.” (2 Samuel 7:25) David’s words “do as you have spoken” get us to the heart of prayer. Then the king made an astonishing reply: “What is it you want?” (verse 4). Remind God of His Promise. Tell Him you will be bold in reminding Him of His promises so that He will know your love and you will know His. — Exodus 20:8. I would say to him, “Dad you promised.” I would remind him of his promise to me, time and time again. Yet as he appeared before the king one day, he outwardly displayed his emotions. You said You would restore me. We live in a sinful world that is fraught with conditional promises … This makes me think of the kind of relationship a child has with her parent. We can echo right back to Him the things He has said to us. Here are a couple of the promises I pray back to God: Father, please give me health and healing. Though our feelings come and go, God’s love for us does not. 3 It encourages us to pray. Lewis. When my dad promised me something, he would do it. Amen. Remind God of His Promises in His Word the Bible Rather, reminding the Most High of his promises reassures us of God’s mighty power and love. You promised, children are a heritage from the Lord". God knows our way, and we are only passing through. Nehemiah divided them into builders and fighters who stood alert with shields and spears. Joshua 21:45 NIV. Joshua 21:45 NIV Not one of all the Lord ’s good promises to Israel failed; every one was fulfilled . Here are 10 other verses to remind us that God fulfills His promises, He completes His work, and He does not abandon His plans for us. ; whatever fits the context of your prayer the best) 2. Here, God is saying to us, in I saiah 43:26 (KJV), “Put me in remembrance”. If you’re struggling while waiting, recall what He said in His Word and tell Him your whole heart. FaithGateway is brought to you by HarperCollins Christian Publishing and is dedicated to helping you grow and share your faith. — Nehemiah 4:14, Remember me with favor, my God, for all I have done for these people. But God has handed us a book of his promises and all of God’s promises are “yes” and “amen,” which means every word he … Isaiah 43:26. Here are 10 other verses to remind us that God fulfills His promises, He completes His work, and He does not abandon His plans for us. We are allowed and invited to tell God how we really feel. When we feel like we’ve been forgotten or left behind, we can express it openly. Remind God of his promises concerning you and expect and be in an attitude of seeing the impossible become possible in your life. David repeatedly turns God’s promise into prayer. As it says in Isaiah 62, let us be his secretaries, and give him no … This is the beauty of lament — unedited, unfiltered real talk that allows God to meet us right where we are. And that is why Jacob prays. You promised, with long life you would satisfy me". He said to him, “Why does your face look so sad when you are not ill? Click here to download a printable version of the Daily Bible Study for today. I would say to him, “Dad you promised.” I would remind him of his promise to me, time and time again. 26 Put me in remembrance: let us plead together: declare thou, that thou mayest be justified. While God will never forget or abandon us, at times we will feel forgotten. None of it was wasted! Go ahead and remind God! Here are seven promises to remind us that God will bring good from the storms we face: 1. But there are other times in scripture when God’s deeds are recounted by his people in petitionary prayer. Only fifty-two days later, the wall was successfully rebuilt. Put me in remembrance: let us plead together: declare you, that you may be justified. If he didn’t want it in writing, then it wouldn’t be in the bible. Psalm 91:4 “He will cover You with His feathers, and under His wings you will find refuge; His faithfulness will be your shield and rampart.” Psalm 40:10 God is with you dear friend. We heard in the sermon this week that we need to be recounting the deeds of God. ALSO, READ 3 little things that take you away from God . It’s a great privilege and joy to join God as he remembers Israel, and acts upon his word to fulfill it. It shall come about, when I bring a cloud over the earth, that the bow will be seen in the cloud, read more. Even more astonishing, the king said yes! believe in His promises for He is forever loyal. This kind of reminding is not for God’s sake, but for our sake. Remind yourself of His love for you even if you can’t feel it right now. Will you forget me forever?” David lamented. Moses reminds God of His promise to Abraham, Isaac, and Israel (Jacob’s name of promise) and pleads with God to remember that promise. King James Version Update. WEDNESDAY – Remind God of What He has Previously Said. But reminding God of the promises He has made helps us to remember them and reassures us that He can be trusted to keep them. Prayer Tips: a) For Breakthrough: Isaiah 45:23; Micah 2:13 God must be true to His Word, and so we can lay hold of the things He has promised and expect Him to answer. The Old Testament prophet Isaiah said, “Put the Lord in remembrance of His promises, keep not silence” (Isaiah 62:6 AMPC). And instead of punishing Nehemiah, the king was actually moved by Nehemiah’s somber countenance. The enemy tribes on all sides were beginning to notice the rebuilding project, and they didn’t like it. Jesus told the disciples at the Last Supper, on the eve of His crucifixion, to practice remembering: When He had given thanks, He broke [the bread] and said, ‘This is My body, which is for you; do this in remembrance of Me’. Bible Map: Mount Zalmon (Mount Ebal)... of the land, would remind beholders far and near of their people's covenant with God. Declare thou, that thou mayest be justified, Ellicott's Commentary for English Readers, Keil and Delitzsch Biblical Commentary on the Old Testament. It is so like God to invite us to remind Him of His promises when He knows that, in the end, we are the ones who benefit by doing so. He was a cupbearer in the palace of the king of Persia — a humble, yet important job. If we feel like God has forgotten us, then we have a great opportunity to dive into Scripture and refresh our memory of who He is and what He promises to those who follow Him. In this way we acquire … But there are other times in scripture when God’s deeds are recounted by his people in petitionary prayer. … Not only that, He has proven time and time both in the Bible and even in our lives today that He is there. When we pray, we ask God to do what he has promised. Moses reminded the Israelites of God’s provision throughout forty years of wilderness wanderings, so they could hold on to hope in their present (Deuteronomy 8:2). The reminder conveys the child’s trust that the parent will do what he or she has said they will do. He said to God, "Now, O Lord God, let thy promise unto David my father be established" (2 Chron. Ask Him to help you when you are struggling. So God has given both his promise and his oath. There are few promises in Scripture that should be more comforting than promises of God’s presence with His people. Deuteronomy 26:16-19 ESV / 4 helpful votes Helpful Not Helpful “This day the Lord your God commands you to do these statutes and rules. We need to worship through the telling of God’s glorious actions in history. In the Bible, even Abraham, Jacob, and Moses, put God in remembrance of His promises to them. Praise God by declaring His attributes. “Remember you said you would take me out for ice cream if I practiced my piano for a whole hour?” “Don’t forget that you promised to help me with my homework tonight.” In the intimate relationship between parent and child, the child is not afraid to bring up a promise made. Follow Esther Fleece Allen on: And then we can remind God of His promises to us. Bible Book List. David repeatedly turns God’s promise into prayer. To move God in prayer, we must desire to see God’s promises enacted (32:13). God invites you—yes, commands you—to remind him of his promises. I like to think that Nehemiah’s prayers to God that reminded Him of His promises gave him fresh hope and motivation for the job at hand. 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The best antidotes to COVID depression are God’s promises in Scripture. 10 Psalms To Remind You of God’s Faithfulness. Show me the path You have for me. Keep not silent. Please do not delay Your healing. And then he decided to make his move. They needed protection. We want to hear from you! The presence of bad times is usually the greatest persuasion of God's absence, but remember that various times in Bible times, God was there even in the midst of war, famine, flood, and even storms. Slide 3 of 7. He knows we need it! Jacob tricked his brother out of both his birthright and blessing. If He can give us His only Son, then there is nothing He cannot do for us. The Word of God is powerful and life changing. Acknowledge Who He Is (e.g: The Creator of heaven and earth, your Savior; the infinite, all powerful, all knowing, God, etc. Psalm, 119:49-50 declares, “Remember Your word to Your servant, in which You have made me hope. 2. We are confident that God is a convenant keeping God. It will help us to not forget our covenant-keeping God. I can only imagine that their ready confidence sprang from the assurance that God was with them and their certainty that they were God’s people doing His work. The idea of reminding God of something may sound strange — after all, He is God, and He doesn’t forget the things He has told us! Font Size. The reason that God delays His promise is that we may have the opportunity to deal with Him. (Note: The pointing connects עם־זוּ with makkeph, so that the rendering would be, "The people there I have formed for myself;" but according to our view, עם should be accented with yethib, and zū with munach. Nehemiah had practiced remembering the character and promises of God, and his faith did not disappoint. Therefore, we who have fled to … So, continue to remind God of His promises in your life. Praise God for having promised us so many wonderful things to give us hope for our future. Has God promised something to you in Scripture that you have yet to see fulfilled? You should remember Your promise." Remind Him. I imagine his construction team got caught up in this energy as well — following Nehemiah’s example and feeling his influence. The purpose of His promises is to give us confidence and peace. These two things are unchangeable because it is impossible for God to lie. But in none of these can we be bound by the punctuation.). Please bring Your healing touch to my emotional scars. Here, God is saying to us, in I saiah 43:26 (KJV), “Put me in remembrance”. You said You would make my paths straight. What’s more, the practice of remembrance leads our hearts into thanksgiving for the past and hope for the future. Our strongest plea is to remind God of His own promises.   Website, Copyright © 2019 HarperCollins Publishers. He granted Nehemiah permission to travel to Jerusalem, recruit and lead a construction crew, and rebuild the city’s walls. God, then, instead of "pleading against us with His great power," "will put His strength" in us (Job 23:6); we thus become "the … This way of reminding God is very meaningful. When we face difficulties, one of the best things we can do is find a promise in the scripture and remind God, what he said about us: "God, you promised, I would lend and not borrow. It doesn't say God watches over our complaints, he watches over our begging, "Please, God, you got to turn this around". These are “doing” verbs! Even though he was “very much afraid” (verse 2), Nehemiah replied, “May the king live forever! Isaiah 62:6-7 says to: "Put God in remembrance of His promises.   Facebook Review the past for me, let us argue the matter together; state the case for your innocence. Nehemiah is a biblical leader who models this prayer of remembrance. Come join the conversation on our blog. Jerusalem was God’s holy city, and yet it lay in ruins. As the people gathered in Jerusalem for feasting and celebration, Nehemiah declared, This day is holy to our Lord. The exiles could come home to dwell in their city once again. God does not need to be reminded of His promises. Why should my face not look sad when the city where my ancestors are buried lies in ruins, and its gates have been destroyed by fire?” (verse 3). So Jacob did at Mahanaim and Peniel (Ge 32:9, 12). He said to God, "Now, O Lord God, let thy promise unto David my father be established" (2 Chron. And they needed courage. The idea which underlies Isaiah 42:24 appears to be, "This is the retribution that we have met with from him."' — Nehemiah 5:19. As we wait on Him, He actively renews the strength necessary for us to persevere (Isaiah 40:31). 3 Things we gain when we remind God of his promises 1 It reassures us of God’s mighty power and love. They remembered God’s promises, and it equipped them to do His work with heart and with hope. God doesn’t need reminders—every promise in His Word can be counted on! One Thousand Gifts OBS Week 4 — Trust: The Bridge to Joy, Jesus Over Everything Week 1 — Putting God First, One Thousand Gifts OBS Week 3 — All Is Grace, How to Make It Through the Holidays When You Don’t Feel Very Grateful. “How long must I wrestle with my thoughts and day after day have sorrow in my heart? He let his sadness show in full force. I don’t understand You, which makes it hard to trust You. You may remind God that you believe his word and that you are standing on it's promise. His grief had turned to joy, and joy had turned to strength. And thou saidst, I will surely do thee good. The reason that God delays His promise is that we … — 1 Corinthians 11:24. You said You would restore me. Jesus Help Me Believe in You. It’s not that God is distant; it’s just that sometimes He feels distant. We will come out “as gold,” tested, tried, and true. Excerpted with permission from No More Faking Fine by Esther Fleece, copyright Esther Fleece. The Promises of God. Big Point: God wants to know that we know about His promises. 1:9). Nehemiah’s courage shows us how God can use even sadness to move a king. And in doing so, may you be reminded of His love for you and refreshed anew. In this world you will have trouble. In the same way, calling to mind God’s promises is an act of faith in the fact that He will do what He says He will do. — Jeremiah 30:17; Father, please give me health and healing. "God, you promised, the fruit of my womb is blessed. Nehemiah knows the stakes are high, and he knows he can’t get through this without God’s help. Digging Deeper with this week’s teaching pastor: All Rights Reserved. Give him no rest until it comes to pass." This is exactly what King Solomon did. They could worship God at His temple in peace. 1:9). So right there in the king’s presence, he prays and then answers the king: “If it pleases the king and if your servant has found favor in his sight, let him send me to the city in Judah where my ancestors are buried so that I can rebuild it” (verse 5). It’s not that God is preoccupied; it’s just that our struggles make us feel like we’re facing the world alone. Father, help me to trust in You. Please help. I’m reminding Him that He promised to strengthen me and uphold me (Isaiah 41:10). These prayers of faith touch the heart of God and miracles are set in motion! It may be that you are struggling with sickness; there are many verses in the Bible that can be used to remind God of His promises on healing. We are even told to remember the Sabbath day. He Loves You: God loves you personally that He gave His only Son Jesus Christ to die in order to save you and make you His true son or daughter (John 3:16). What is amazing is that we are given full permission to voice this honestly. This way of reminding God is very meaningful. ~ Laurie McClure, Faith.Full, /*

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