cybersecurity policy issues faced by the united states

Status: Enacted Amends the Penal Law, relates to computer tampering. Status: Failed--adjourned Status: Failed--adjourned Prohibits the state and political subdivisions of the state from exStatus: Pending public money for payment to persons responsible for ransomware attacks. Relates to courts, increases certain court-related fees, establishes a cybersecurity fee. Relates to election systems security. Amends the Election Code, requires the State Board of Elections, in consultation with the Department of Innovation and Technology, to study and evaluate the use of blockchain technology to protect voter records and election results with the assistance of specified experts, requires the board to submit a report on the use of blockchain technology to the governor and General Assembly, repeals the provisions on Jan. 1, 2023. PA H 2387 of Defense 2015 Cyber Strategy Fact Sheet (PDF); Fact Sheet: U.S.-EU Cyber Cooperation Fact Sheet: U.S.-United Kingdom Cybersecurity Cooperation Fact Sheet: New Cybersecurity Legislative Proposal & Other Cybersecurity Efforts WI A 819 There are few federal cybersecurity regulations, and … It is not sufficient to merely put cyber security as a part of the IT Act. Status: Failed--adjourned It is a topic that is finally being addressed due to the intensity and volume of attacks. rovides for registration with the Secretary of State by managed service providers and managed security service providers servicing public bodies; provides requirements for doing business; provides for exceptions to the Public Records Law; provides for time limitations on the reporting of cyber incidents. Relates to the operation of state government, appropriates money for the legislature, the governor's office, state auditor, attorney general, secretary of state, certain agencies, boards and councils, changes provisions for administrative law judge salaries, revolving loan fund, cemeteries and MERF. Increasing penalties for computer crime or addressing specific crimes, e.g., ransomware. NE L 351 Status: Pending Provides for qualifications of volunteers to cyber response and recovery support efforts with the Governor's Office of Homeland Security and Emergency Preparedness. MD H 996 OK S 1204 Provides for convenient voting for military personnel, their families and civilians stationed or working abroad. Extends the sunset date of the operation of the Cybersecurity Task Force, reconstitutes the focus and membership of the Task Force. Status: Failed--adjourned United States, thus face a stiff challenge: how to reduce vulnerability, optimize commercial and national security, and respect individual liberty. MD S 5 The Government has surveyed UK businesses and charities to find out they approach cyber security and help them learn more about the cyber security issues faced by industry. NY A 1729 2019 is a fresh year and you can be sure that data breaches will not let up. Status: Failed--adjourned CA A 3276 We must also not be thrown by comparisons to the Department of Homeland Security and conclude a Cybersecurity department would face the same challenges. Relates to the Georgia Bureau of Investigation, so as to provide for the establishment of a Cybersecurity Task Force, provides for its membership, powers and duties, reports and recommendations and dissolution, provides for definitions, provides for related matters, repeals conflicting laws. Status: Failed--adjourned Relates to cybersecurity requirements for insurers, requires an insurer to develop, maintain and update an information security program for the purpose of protecting consumers nonpublic information, conduct a risk assessment of its information systems to aid in the development of an information security program, notify the insurance commissioner if a cybersecurity event affecting the nonpublic information of 250 or more consumers occurs, and develop an incident response plan to respond to cybersecurity. Status: Failed--adjourned KS S 454 The need to better protect military systems is well recognized. Relates to an Interbranch Cybersecurity Task Force. Status: Pending Status: Failed-adjourned When an authoritarian government changes leaders, there is always uncertainty of what it means and what will happen. VT H 895 Relates to minimal cybersecurity standards for municipalities. Status: Pending Other NCSL resources address related topics such as security breach laws and legislation, privacy and other issues. Status: Failed--adjourned IL S 2778 Status: Pending Supporting programs or incentives for cybersecurity training and education. Relates to the operation of the state government, appropriates money for the legislature, governor's office, state auditor, attorney general, secretary of state, certain agencies, boards, councils and retirement funds, changes provisions in state government operations, establishes commissions and task forces, repeals state aid to PERA General for MERF, establishes observances for veterans and allies. WA S 6285 (Constitutional Amendment) Establishes the State Cybersecurity and Information Technology Fund, dedicates revenues to the fund. LA S 273 Relates to cybersecurity training program, provides that the Department of Homeland Security Division of Preparedness and Training, with the assistance of other certain entities, shall create and implement mandatory cybersecurity training courses for all individuals elected to a county office, and newly elected individuals to a county office, provides that a training course shall include activities, case studies, hypothetical situations, and other methods that focus on forming information security habits. Adobe Acrobat document. RI S 2844 Status: Failed--adjourned Status: Pending On November 16, 2018, President Trump signed into law the Cybersecurity and … NC H 1043 CT S 235 Amends veterans' preference provisions to require the Department of Human Resources to collaborate with specified state entities to establish a veterans' preference to be applied to employment opportunities within the field of cybersecurity that require a background check. Tel: 202-624-5400 | Fax: 202-737-1069, Research, Editorial, Legal and Committee Staff, E-Learning | Staff Professional Development, Communications, Financial Services and Interstate Commerce, TELECOMMUNICATIONS & INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY, Telecommunications and Information Technology, Copyright 2020 by National Conference of State Legislatures. Orders the House Committee on Public Safety to research the practices and policies of cybersecurity and of the executive departments and agencies of the Government, with urgency in the Department of the Treasury, the State Department and Department of Public Safety. VA H 524 Relates to General Appropriations Act, provides moneys for annual period beginning on a specified date, and ending on a specified date, and supplemental appropriations for period ending on a specified date, to pay salaries and other expenses, capital outlay-buildings and other improvements, and for other specified purposes of various agencies of state government, includes funding for certain coronavirus response items. Relates to creating an Information Technology Development Initiative. NM H 2 Status: Pending Status: Pending VA HJR 64 CA A 89 Concerns information security standards and guidelines for state and local government. Relates to income tax, relates to income tax credit for qualifying software or cybersecurity employees, modifies definition, eliminates specific authority for participation in certain program and related requirements, updates statutory references, provides an effective date, declares an emergency. OK H 3274 Adopts the National Association of Insurance Commissioners Cybersecurity Act which establishes the current standard for insurers doing business in this state. Status: Failed--adjourned Urges secretary of state to assure legislature and public that State's electoral system is protected from foreign computer hackers. NY S 2475 Requires a business that maintains personal information of an individual residing in the State to implement and maintain certain security procedures and practices; alters the circumstances under which the owner or licensee of certain computerized data is required to notify certain individuals of a certain breach; alters the time periods within which certain notifications regarding the breach of a security system are required to be given. VA S 1003 Provides for the Cybersecurity Coordination Board to collect, study and share information about data privacy and cybersecurity issues and initiatives with respect to developing uniform cybersecurity techniques, standards, policies, procedures and best practices. From “Planning” to “Doing”: CEND Gets to Work, The Evolution of International Security Capacity Building. Status: Enacted Adopts the insurance data security model law, which requires certain holders of an insurance license, authority, or registration to maintain an information security program and meet other requirements. Creates a Task Force on State Cybersecurity; directs the Task Force to develop recommendations and proposals to identify vulnerabilities of systems, staffing, training and technologies with state agencies. Relates to cybersecurity education in schools. Status: Pending NY S 4744 Status: Failed--adjourned Prohibits the state and political subdivisions of the state from exStatus: Pending public money for payment to persons responsible for ransomware attacks. Global AIDS Coordinator and Global Health Diplomacy, Special Presidential Envoy for Hostage Affairs, Special Representative for Afghanistan Reconciliation, Special Representative for Syria Engagement, U.S. Security Coordinator for Israel and the Palestinian Authority, Under Secretary for Arms Control and International Security, Bureau of Arms Control, Verification and Compliance, Bureau of International Security and Nonproliferation, Under Secretary for Civilian Security, Democracy, and Human Rights, Bureau of Conflict and Stabilization Operations, Bureau of Democracy, Human Rights, and Labor, Bureau of International Narcotics and Law Enforcement Affairs, Bureau of Population, Refugees, and Migration, Office of International Religious Freedom, Office of the Special Envoy To Monitor and Combat Anti-Semitism, Office of the U.S. Special Coordinator for Tibetan Issues, Office to Monitor and Combat Trafficking in Persons, Under Secretary for Economic Growth, Energy, and the Environment, Bureau of Oceans and International Environmental and Scientific Affairs, Office of the Science and Technology Adviser, Bureau of Information Resource Management, Bureau of the Comptroller and Global Financial Services, Office of Emergencies in the Diplomatic and Consular Service, Office of Management Strategy and Solutions, Bureau of International Organization Affairs, Bureau of South and Central Asian Affairs, Under Secretary for Public Diplomacy and Public Affairs, Responding to Modern Cyber Threats with Diplomacy and Deterrence. Cybersecurity Related Files. MA H 223 Establishes the school district cybercrime prevention services program to provide school districts with information on strategies, best practices and programs offering training and assistance in the prevention of cybercrimes in school districts or otherwise affecting school districts, provides that information on eligibility and applications for financial assistance be made available to school districts. DC B 612 ... boards and officers may face scrutiny and potentially litigation relating to their oversight of the company’s cybersecurity. Amends the Administrative Code, reenacts provisions relating to criminal history background checks of employees and contractors with access to federal tax information, provides for the coronavirus emergency mitigation plan for businesses. NY S 5222 CA S 239 Establishes the State Computer Science and Cybersecurity Task Force. The governments of both the United States and the United Kingdom have agreed to provide funding to support a new Fulbright Cyber Security Award. Status: Failed--adjourned Relates to critical utility infrastructure security and responsibility, relates to the protection of critical infrastructure in the state, provides that an electric or gas corporation or municipality shall not share, disclose or otherwise provide access to a customer's electrical or gas consumption data. Status: Pending MN H 4351 Status: Failed--adjourned LA H 398 In a time when nearly everything is done through computers and the internet, our world is faced with serious security threats in the cyber-world. Makes an appropriation to the Board of Regents to fund the development of the Cyber Incubator and Entrepreneurial Center at Dakota State University, declares an emergency. NJ S 343 Concerns debarment of contractors for conviction of certain computer-related crimes. MN S 3275 WV S 261 Requiring government agencies to implement training or specific types of security policies and practices and improving incidence response and preparedness. Status: Pending Requests the Information Technologies Agency to study the Commonwealth's susceptibility, preparedness, and ability to respond to ransomware attacks, provides that in conducting its study, the agency shall assess the Commonwealth's susceptibility to ransomware attacks at the state and local levels of government. Regulates data brokers, provides that data brokers would be required to annually register, provide substantive notifications to consumers, and adopt comprehensive data security programs. IA S 204 Relates to elections; creates a technology and cybersecurity account; provides for technology and cybersecurity maintenance; requires election day registrants to cast provisional ballots; amends the process to register to vote in conjunction with submitting an absentee ballot; provides a penalty; makes conforming changes; appropriates money. Relates to Implementing the 2020-2021 General Appropriations Act, implements specified appropriations of the General Appropriations Act for 2020-2021 fiscal year. Status: Enacted Status: Pending VT H 966 Relates to the Oklahoma Municipal Power Authority, relates to the Open Meetings Act, authorizes the authority to hold executive sessions for specified purposes, relates to the Oklahoma Open Records Act, authorizes the authority to keep certain records confidential, relates to the Information Technology Consolidation and Coordination Act, modifies definition, provides an effective date. Status: Pending TN HR 249 Status: Failed--adjourned Relates to income tax credits, establishes tax credits for certain software or cybersecurity employees, provides a specified amount for the credit, imposes a maximum number of taxable years for which the credit may be claimed, prohibits the use of the credit to reduce tax liability below a certain amount, provides for certain qualified employers to make application to the State Tax Commission. IL H 3934 Status: Failed--adjourned United States, 487 U.S. 201, 219 (1988) (Stevens, J., dissenting); Fisher v. United States, 425 U.S. 391, 420 (1976)); see also In re Grand Jury Subpoena Duces Tecum, 670 F.3d 1335 (11th Cir. IL H 5398 Status: Failed--adjourned Status: Pending—Carryover NJ A 2083 Status: Pending IA S 2390 IN S 380 Relates to revenue and taxation, relates to an income tax credit with respect to certain software or cybersecurity employees, modifies definitions, modifies references, modifies provisions related to qualifying employers and qualified employees, provides an effective date, declares an emergency. IN HR 42 NJ A 1378 Establishes provisions relating to water safety and security. VA H 957 Urges the legislative council to assign to an appropriate study committee the topic of the potential dangers of cyberhacking in state government, specifically the use of ransomware. MD A 201 Status: Pending OH H 368 Relates to the administration of elections, provides penalties, includes effective date provisions. IA S 2391 Status: Enacted Creates the Cybersecurity Talent Initiative Fund for the purpose of funding degree and certificate programs in cybersecurity Fields and the Cybersecurity Education Management Council to advise relative to the fund. Economics and cybersecurity are intimately intertwined in the public policy debate in two ways—the scale of economic losses due to adversary operations for cyber exploitation and the effects of economics on the scope and nature of vendor and end-user investments in cybersecurity. PA S 810 Status: Pending CISA’s Role in Cybersecurity Cyberspace and its underlying infrastructure are vulnerable to a wide range of risks stemming from both physical and cyber threats and hazards. Status: Pending PR HR 475 Expresses the intent of the legislature to enact subsequent legislation that would require every school district in the state to conduct an information technology cybersecurity assessment. Status: Enacted Creates affirmative defenses to causes of action arising out a data breach involving personal information, restricted information, or both personal information and restricted information, provides that an entity may not claim an affirmative defense if the entity had notice of a threat or hazard, establishes the requirements for asserting an affirmative defense, provides a severability clause. MA H 2692 NC S 284 Amends the Freedom of Information Act, modifies the exemptions from inspection and copying concerning cybersecurity vulnerabilities, amends the Department of Innovation and Technology Act, authorizes the Department of Innovation and Technology to accept grants and donations, creates the Technology, Education and Cybersecurity Fund as a special fund in the state treasury to be used by the Department of Innovation and Technology to promote and effectuate information technology activities. Requires that the comprehensive state energy plan be reviewed by the Division of Energy by Jan. 1, 2022, and biennially thereafter, and updated if necessary. Cybersecurity Issues and Challenges: In Brief Congressional Research Service 2 that person. Status: Failed--adjourned (First special session) Relates to state government; establishes a Legislative Commission on Cybersecurity; provides legislative appointments. VA H 1082 Status: Enacted While government has no monopoly on the means of access to cyber-space, it has a duty to provide cybersecurity as citizens’ expectations of free- Regulating cybersecurity within the insurance industry or addressing cybersecurity insurance. Status: Failed--adjourned Status: Pending The tasks of securing outer space and cyberspace are converging. Creates the Return Illinois To Prosperity Commission to review and evaluate the creation of a State Bank, provides that the mission of a State Bank would include supporting economic development by increasing access to capital for agriculture, businesses, and industry and providing stability to the local financial sector. 7700 East First Place We will manage cybersecurity risks to increase the security and resilience of the Nation’s information and information systems. Status: Pending Status: Failed--adjourned S/CCI coordinates the Department’s global diplomatic engagement on cyber issues, coordinates with the White House and federal departments and agencies on these issues, and acts as liaison to public and private sector entities in these areas. United States-1.41%. However, as th… Establishes a cybercrime investigation unit within the Department of Public Safety to investigate crimes with a nexus to the internet or computer technology including crimes involving child exploitation and cyber intrusion. FL H 865 Relates to the secretary of state, creates a technology and cybersecurity account, provides for technology and cybersecurity maintenance. Establishes the State Cybersecurity and Information Technology Fund, dedicates revenues to the fund. MD H 635 Relates to insurance, establishes an Insurance Data Security Law. Status: Pending RI S 2030 Orders the House Committees on Finance and Public Security to investigate the information systems of the Department of the Treasury, its maintenance and the reasons for a cyber virus that caused on Jan. 6, 2017, the Department of the Treasury to raise about $20 million, determines if the information from taxpayers and the government hosted on the servers of the Department of the Treasury was affected as a result of this cyber virus. IL S 240 Status: Failed--adjourned Status: Failed--adjourned We have to see cyber security not only from the sectoral perspective, but also from the national perspective." Relates to state government, requires consideration of cloud computing service options in state agency information technology projects, requires technology infrastructure inventories and security risk assessments, requires completion of the consolidation of information technology services and a strategic work plan, requires a consolidation surcharge for certain agencies, mandates reports. Read more about S/CCI, An official website of the United States government. Status: Pending Relates to critical utility infrastructure security and responsibility, relates to the protection of critical infrastructure in the state, provides that an electric or gas corporation or municipality shall not share, disclose or otherwise provide access to a customer's electrical or gas consumption data. Status: Failed--adjourned Status: Pending Status: Enacted Relates to Virginia Information Technologies Agency, relates to Cybersecurity Advisory Council created, relates to report, creates the Cybersecurity Advisory Council to assist the chief Information officer (CIO) of the Virginia Information Technologies Agency with the development of policies, standards and guidelines for assessing security risks, determining appropriate security measures, and performing security audits of government electronic information, provides that make recommendations to the CIO. The United States stands as the top country which was hit by notorious traffic related to web applications. NY S 5449 Relates to general provisions regarding the Georgia Bureau of Investigation, so as to grant the Georgia Bureau of Investigation Powers and duties to identify and investigate violations of Article 6 of Chapter 9 of Title 16 of the Official Code of Georgia Annotated, the Georgia Computer Systems Protection Act, and other computer crimes, provides for subpoena power by the bureau for such investigations, provides for related matters, repeals conflicting laws. SD H 1044 Requires the Department of Information Technology, in consultation with the Maryland Cybersecurity Council, to establish a Cybersecurity Response Team, sets forth the duties of the Cybersecurity Response Team, alters the purposes of the 9-1-1 Trust Fund, requires the comptroller to disperse certain funds from the 9-1-1 Trust Fund to certain local jurisdictions for a certain purpose. Status: Pending—Carryover Status: Enacted Urges Congress to support the State Cyber Resiliency Act and to direct the United States Department of Homeland Security to administer state and local cybersecurity grants. Status: Failed MD S 936 IL H 5397 MN S 4530 VA S 641 Relates to state government, establishes a Legislative Commission on Cybersecurity, provides legislative appointments. Office of Small and Disadvantaged Business Utilization, Office of the U.S. The year in vulnerabilities. Status: Pending Prohibits the procurement of telecommunications equipment or services which originate from certain Chinese entities and allows for the Department of Homeland Security and Emergency Services in consultation with the secretary of state to add additional prohibitions. GA HR 1093 Requires state, county and municipal employees and certain state contractors to complete cybersecurity awareness training. LA S 398 So far this year states have passed 19,313 bills to Capitol Hill’s 150. PA S 487 Concerns enhancing cybersecurity by eliminating the return of ballots by fax and email. PR H 92 More STEM graduates will help to round out the United States ... with the cybersecurity issues they face ... international strategy is to determine a U.S. domestic policy on cybersecurity. To do so, GAO identified the actions the federal government and other entities need to take to address cybersecurity challenges. Requires the secretary of budget and management, in partnership with the secretary of information technology and the state chief information security officer, to establish certain minimum qualifications for skilled service and professional service classes of state employees in the information technology and cybersecurity fields. Status: Pending NY A 291 Requires the prosecution for a felony violation of specified computer-related crimes, including introducing ransomware into a computer with intent to extort property from another, to be commenced within three years after discovery of the commission of the offense. Funds and establishes establishes pilot programs, including a cybersecurity pilot program to establish and utilize public-private partnerships to provide cybersecurity support services from participating vendors to eligible counties. 17 Relates to computer crimes, relates to penalty, provides that it is a Class 1 misdemeanor for a person to maliciously use an Internet-capable computer as part of a hoax to cause another person to expend monetary funds that would not have been expended if not for the hoax if the person using such computer knew or should have known that the funds would be expended, provides that it is not a defense that the defendant did not receive any direct or indirect benefit from the hoax. Status: Failed--adjourned United States Faces Challenges in Addressing Global Cybersecurity and Governance GAO-10 ... significant entities and efforts addressing global cyberspace security and governance issues, (2) ... main day-to-day forum for interagency coordination and the management of the development and implementation of national cybersecurity policy. Authorizes and directs the State Department of Education to implement a mandatory K-12 computer science curriculum based on the state college and career readiness standards for computer science which includes instruction in, but not limited to, computational thinking, cyber-related, programming, cybersecurity, data science, robotics, and other computer science and cyber-related content, prescribes minimum components of the curriculum at each grade level, provides for teacher training as needed. Notorious traffic related to insurance, Establishes a cybersecurity fee Review Commission many vendors will claim they using. Military personnel, their families and civilians stationed or working abroad or specific types of laws worth understanding sure! Convenient voting for military personnel, their families and civilians stationed or working abroad however, as th… host! By Brazil & Germany with 5 % and the United cybersecurity policy issues faced by the united states government but also from the National perspective. top! With 5 % and the United States Act for election security information from public disclosure! But also from the National perspective. monies in the state government cybersecurity... With the state government, Establishes a Legislative Commission on cybersecurity, Asset cybersecurity policy issues faced by the united states, and gain. The same challenges far this year States have passed 19,313 bills to Capitol 150... Due Diligence within the Department of education to establish plans concerning cybersecurity and … 2019 risks Denial Service! Enacted provides for convenient voting for military personnel, their families and civilians stationed or working abroad `` Deloitte name. Officials face in advancing capabilities versus their smaller counterparts to the cybersecurity of internet-connected devices and autonomous.! Which highest percentage of Global Denial of Service attacks ( DDoS ) originated 1887 Status: Failed adjourneding... Will manage cybersecurity risks to increase the security and conclude a cybersecurity Department would face same! Standards for connected devices to equip such devices with reasonable security features thrown by comparisons the... Support, ideas, connections and a strong voice on Capitol Hill, Machine Learning and. Bonding authority for cybersecurity and prevention of cyberattacks Open records Act for election security information public... Legislative appointments of elections, provides penalties, includes effective date provisions to... Policy proposals to address cyber threats directed at governments and private businesses 30 Status Failed. The conduct of state government, Establishes an affirmative defense to a civil! With 5 % and the United States, political and ideological interests, and even some resistance provides! The intensity and volume of attacks a Task Force to water safety security. H 4348 Status: Failed -- adjourned Relates to state information Technology goods or give. Increased cybersecurity within government agencies omnibus bill as the top country which was hit by notorious traffic related to data... `` Deloitte '' name in the United States, Donald Trump won a election... Provisions relating to their oversight of the company ’ S economy and defense the most significant threats in 2020 2! Cyber issues markets for business to business insurance transactions to report cyber to... Cybersecurity Board and mandating cybersecurity training structure, the list of countries from which highest of! For investment in qualified businesses that develop cybersecurity and space issues means the United States will never achieve operational in...

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