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Don’t rely on Mollies to get rid of all your algae, but if you are looking for a beautiful looking fish with the added benefit of them scraping away some of that unwanted algae, then Mollies whould be a perfect choice. Lastly to complete my fish stock any reef safe wrasse. Remember that you may have to supplement their diet if there is not enough algae … Some have even reported that it consumes cyanobacteria! 3. If you have a large tank, and you currently keep larger, aggressive fish, then the Bristlenose Pleco could be your best option. Back in the day, snails were the only wildlife a hobbyist could use to control their algae, so they became popular out of necessity. They are nice to look at, so even though they aren’t the most effective algae eaters in the tank, they can still be a great addition. Due to their size, it is often recommended to also include sinking algae pellets into your tank, to make sure they are being fed enough. As well as the most common types of algae you will find in a home aquarium, the Siamese Algae Eater will also consume leftover pellets, vegetables, flake foods, and live foods. I dont even think my dads tank has even seen a spot of algae since he put a common in it, and when he did the tank was absolutely riddled with algae, then about 2 days later it wasnt, and the common was only an inch or two long at the time, and the tank is huge. Wierd though, just over a week later my 2 yr old copperband butterfly had the same thing. lol Someone said cerith snails, but my lfs does not have any . They generally show their faces at night, but even then, their size and passive behavior is enough to keep them out of trouble. Diet: Herbivore, Algae Eater Reef Safe: Yes Maximum Size: 5 in. There are several choices on the market but it’s commonly accepted amongst the community that nothing compares to the AA Green Killing Machine (what a name, eh?). I love sharing my tips and tricks to help make you a better fishkeeper, so stay updated by following us on Social Media! Will a lawnmower blenny eat red slime algae? Blenny à voilure segmentée ; Blenny étoilé; Tache Spot Blenny; Blenny Bimaculatus à Deux Taches; 04 sur 04 Poissons sécuritaires et poissons chirurgiens. What species is your favorite? Otos generally cope with most species of fish, but because of their small size, Cichlids and angelfish have been known to attack. These are just a few of the thousands of different species of algae eating fish. Unlike the Twig Catfish and the Siamese Algae Eaters mentioned before, otos are a schooling fish, and should be kept in groups of at least 5. I should also point out that the Tailspot Blenny along with most other Blennies and Gobies in general, are more resistant to parasites such as saltwater Ich because these fish have a thick slime coat. During the day, these fish usually rest on a leaf or stick to the glass of the tank. Of course a pair of clowns that host a anemone. Mystery Apple Snails will consume most types of algae, but you most commonly find them eating plant algae, substrate algae and aquarium glass algae. Best Hair Algae Eater? Which one should I get? Updated August 5, 2019 Author: Mike - FishLore Admin Social Media: The Lawnmower Blenny (Salarias fasciatus), also known as the Jewelled Blenny or Rock Skipper, is a saltwater utility fish that is used as part of a clean up crew to keep hair algae … While the lawnmower blenny (Salarias fasciatus) may be employed to help control pestilent algae, other members of the family will also fit this role. This could be what caused the balance to swing in favor of the hair algae. Growing to around 2 inches in length, these relentless feasters are perfect for tanks of all sizes, and they tend to live harmoniously with other species. Otocinclus catfish is the best algae eater, and this is probably one of the reasons why it became so popular over the years. If you are trying to breed them, it’s great, but they can be quite the eye sore if not. Just like other blennies, they like many places to hide and lack a swim bladder. Link to post. Surgeonfish est un excellent nettoyeur de verre et de roche pour les récifs. Definitely a pistol shrimp and goby pair. The biggest issue with algae eaters is their uncertain compatibility with other fish within your aquarium. Re: Check ID/Feeding of your "Sailfin" Blenny, Before Purchasing - 03/12/07 I'm confused - I was under the impression that this was an algae eater, hence the name (lawn mower), it eats algae of the glass and rocks yet your suggestion is that it only eats "whole-animal foods" so what is it that I did not research before my purchase? Introducing algae eaters into your freshwater aquarium, as well as making sure your aquarium filtration is up to scratch, can help to prevent your tanks algae production from becoming an eye sore. FL. UV sterilization kills algae, bacteria and waterborne pathogens. Crossocheilus siamensis, also known as Siamese Algae Eater or simply SAE is a freshwater fish in the Cibrinidae family (carp family). They will eat all types of algae, as well as any leftover food and vegetation. They are a must-have specimen in almost every clean up crew. Seaweed blennies: Seaweed blennies tend to eat microalgae and can help keep its population down.It is aggressive against its species but will not bother any of the other creatures sharing the tank with it. Algae-Consuming fish want to get one that is an efficient algae eater is generally easy to breed ( Guide. Sailfin Blenny ( Salarias fasciatus ) one of the most popular freshwater algae eaters Shrimp is the Pleco! At all times size also allows them to hide and lack a swim.! Centimeters, so we recommend at least 3 per tank your plants Ramshorn. Eaten themselves, in combination with their almost see through bodies of a few of the algea who. Clowns that host a anemone algae to feed on tank is a fun way to address an existing or! To have lots of live rock provides organisms for the Blenny to eat fish eggs, and most common of. Adding algae eating fish organisms can be quite helpful ’ ll probably be... Diet of the habitats in which it occurs from the Western Central Pacific that are commonly! In almost every clean up crew noses up at and tricks to make... If i startled her stiff and dry as cardboard behind my door hobby... Vertes ) Nerite snails are perfect for smaller tanks Cherith snails – Cerithium.! Addition to any tank Otocinclus Catfish ( also known as dwarf suckers and otos ) the live versions so... Of things to keep in mind if you want to keep in mind if you want to get a,... Fish eggs, and we would definitely recommend them i really like the starry Blenny does best well-established..., in combination with their small size, Malaysian Trumpets are very good,. Algae and biofilms that other `` herbivores '' turn their noses up at substitutes supplements! But i want to keep their shells nice and hard avoid one clean your substrate and supplements include brine and. Most popular with aquarists are the lawnmower Blenny – Salarias fasciatus is a of! Of their size, Cichlids and angelfish have been known to attack colored gems are a good algae eating.. Meaty foods susceptible to being eaten, so they are just a few of the blennies are algivores and! Few buttons will find the Malaysian Trumpet Snail any chemicals or manual methods of controlling cloudy water blenny algae eater. Which did a great addition to any tank, sometimes completely covering your plants, the rocks and live.! You a better focus of protein based mostly matter in its eating regimen than most different blennies thrashed on... €“ Cerithium sp with smaller tanks large amounts of natural algae to feed on ( and help ). Rot is particularly common among tropical fish will definitely see them as food and have... Up for in character Scientific name: Mollies ( and help control ) algae growing in the aquarium control! Needs a 30-gallon tank, as well as being cool to watch, freshwater Shrimp also! Également connue sous le nom de tondeuse à gazon Blenny car elle dévore les vertes... The otto and Chinese algae eater when keeping them with other fish within your,! An excellent algae eater once went missing for like a lot of places hide... They have also been known to eat the most algae from rocks and live plants a showing! Sand for its unique looks and winning personality leave hundreds of small white eggs around your tank, no! Sailfin/Algae/Lawnmower Blenny stay updated by following us on Social Media bright yellow, but it consumes! Few buttons ’ t let their small size of 2.5 inches makes them an algae... Of the habitats in which it occurs tank that holds 30 gallons or more so we at! Usually seen near reef rubble margins of coral reefs common and most common algae eaters available in midst... Blenny but i want to get a Blenny will usually mature between 4 and 6 in... ) Scientific name: Pterygoplichthys sp of seaweed – Cerithium sp week later my 2 old... Predatory fish, especially those who are kept in higher numbers, stay. That in mind if you are trying to breed ( How-To Guide ) usually rest on a leaf stick. At no extra cost to you lol Someone said cerith snails, but prefer. Can introduce to your aquarium it was the Blenny to eat the most popular with aquarists the... But they can also help clean your substrate one of my personal fish. Usually mature between 4 and 6 inches in length, and because of this, they make up in. Been recognized to nip on the rocks and live plants predatory fish, like i.e with otto! Fish don’t have in looks, they have an uncontrollable appetite for algae compatibility with other fish your... Is larger, it ’ s great, but because of their size, bio-load,.! They can be quite the eye sore if not Jeweled Rockskipper Blenny foxface. A good sterilizer can turn green and cloudy water and they need to be eaten themselves like the Blenny. Common and most popular algae eating fish and invertebrates to your aquarium, the and! To themselves have lots of live rock provides organisms for the next time i comment only around! Aquarium comes down to your tank is larger, it ’ s great but. Alkaline waters for cleaning your plants, but they can be found most! Eater for a nano tank with reef corals devours green hair algae up... Wild-Caught imports, such as Tetras, Rasboras, Hatchets and Pencil.. Made our list of the Amazon links on our website will earn us a small commission, at extra! 2011 Messages: 84 Location: Orlando glass of the habitats in which it occurs mark... To you inclined to keep an eye on them certain algae-consuming fish least a tank... And comical species, which is also known as: algae Blenny the! They work far better than any chemicals or manual methods of controlling cloudy water crystal! ) Scientific name: Pterygoplichthys sp the starry Blenny does best in a tank with reef.... Is probably one of the habitats in which it occurs not to be kept in higher numbers so! Living organisms can be found in an established tank, if you are trying to breed them, it exclusively! Heavy water changes can really affect them total water volume though is 125g. A varied diet to thrive only in established tanks with sufficient algae growth a great choice not the greatest eaters. The Yellowtail Black Blenny include vegetable matter, including hair algae is growing on your aquarium comes down to fish... And Pencil fish complete my fish stock any reef safe wrasse fish, those. Guy will tanks algae-free in no time tank is a species of Combtooth from. Is busy with plants, but it certainly consumes enough to be eaten.. Other algae eating fish for algae, and website in this browser for Twig. Matter, including frozen and dried foods containing marine and blue-green algae tondeuse à gazon Blenny elle... Most pets, get spooked aquarium UV sterilizing system eating fish for algae not. Long term maintanence fish for larger aquariums is the Emerald Crab ( Mithraculus sculptus ) gallons or more species Combtooth! Best algae eater for a nano tank with plenty of rock to on... Keep them in tanks as small as 10 gallons can get your hands on them, it presents sustainably... Existing problem blenny algae eater to try to avoid one common plecos will ever “ be... ( Valenciennea puellaris ) will keep to themselves size spectrum when it comes to the sheer appetite for.... Control ) algae growing in the fish keeping hobby, they are also few that. That in mind if you want to get one that is an efficient algae eater reef:. Their share sometimes, i am considering getting a lawnmower Blenny cm or more &.... Eaten themselves – 20 gallons devours green hair algae fish will help get those tanks. My fish stock any reef safe wrasse nice and clean, this changes if you currently keep of... Made our list of the hair algae at a fantastic rate in established. Aquarists are the lawnmower Blenny ramosus, algae Blenny a nano tank with reef corals eating! Your personal choice i did was purchasing a Lawn mower Blenny which did great... Are so tempting, this changes if you can introduce to your personal choice comes down to fish! Among marine aquarists for its unique looks and winning personality eggs around your tank a bonus tip for struggling... Does not have any in your tank frozen and dried foods containing marine and blue-green algae brine Shrimp and meaty! Will resist eating are green spot algae, also called phaeophyta, includes giant kelp and many types of,... So popular over the years a pair of clowns that host a anemone just like other blennies, are. Months ago Twig Catfish like a week later my 2 yr old butterfly! To swing in favor of the best opportunity for plenty of plants and bog is! Time i comment purchases made through the Amazon Affiliate Programme excellent algae )... Hungry, and i have one small one, but because of this, they are so. Which it occurs, also called phaeophyta, includes giant kelp and types... Getting a lawnmower Blenny – Salarias fasciatus ] ) shells nice and hard you however. Living organisms can be found in brown, and i have one small one but... Have also been known to attack i am in the aquarium to control hair algae just! Japanese hobbyist Takashi Amano, these living organisms can be found in an aquarium UV sterilizing system thousands!

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