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its so simple and delicious! It just means a lot to me to have something yummy for my daughter to eat so she doesn’t feel left out when everyone else is eating delicious desserts! You whisk the sugar, oil, and milk together before stirring in the … Vanilla Extract 5. Just wondering can I substitute coconut oil instead of vegetable oil? (Keep the second sheet refrigerated while the first batch bakes.). Hey! We do a cookie decorating party with friends for the holiday season and I’m looking for a vegan recipe due to my 19 month olds food allergies. Awesome, glad you and your husband loved them! I make a double recipe and it only lasts 1 day for our family of 9 totally the best cookies I’ve ever made. Bake cookies for 8-10 minutes. Sorry this was supposed to be a reply to another comment. So, I think these are the best cookies I’ve ever had. I came across this recipe online and they are AMAZING! (Just because I had extra oat milk). Remove the cookie tray from the oven and immediately tap the tray on the counter again to produce a more “wrinkly” cookie. Thanks for the recipe, would never know it doesn’t have eggs, etc.. . You might want to try that method for cutting out. Add the sprinkles to the flour mixture and toss to coat. They are sweet, delicious, crunchy or soft, topped or filled with delicious things, and perfect for any occasion. Don't flatten them, just pop them in the oven and bake for 12 minutes. Thanks so much for the recipe! Glad you settled on ratios you liked, Brooke. Thank you so much for sharing these! Seriously. These cookies have become my go-to! My cookies turned out more crispy than soft… think I need to lower my oven temp or any idea what went wrong? Glad you liked the cookies and nice addition with the lemon icing. I have found that flour to be the most versatile. Hi Diane, your comment made my day! The baked cookies actually freeze quite well. Add the mashed banana and vanilla and increase speed to medium-high. My first time baking vegan cookies and I absolutely love these. First time dough was very crumbly after 1 hr. No one even missed the egg and dairy! I used a medium cookie scoop and got 23 cookies — next time I’m going to try adding some melted earth balance for a better consistency and maybe “vegan” friendly applesauce to replace the oil to make them healthier, in my humble opinion. Thanks! Similar Recipes . This recipe is a life saver!! Refined Coconut Oil: You can use unrefined if that’s all you have, but it may leave a slight coconut flavor. Coat the ball from all sides with the cinnamon sugar and place it on the prepared baking sheet. I’m in for a stomach ache tonight, happily! Then, let the cookies cool on the baking sheet for 5 minutes. This was awesome and so easy to make!! Better than the vegan store bought ones they make at my local co-ops! Is there a more classic cookie than snickerdoodles? Delicious! Thank you so much! Please advise, thanks. First off I added oat milk in substitute for water, and I left out the sprinkles. What a winner! We use this site to share our Vegan recipes and thoughts. Vegan Sugar Cookie Bars Soft, simple and sweet without the hassle of rolling, cutting and decorating. , I’ve been vegan for over a year now and these were one of the first and best recipes I’ve come across! I’m a seasoned baker so very perplexed! Roll out dough on a floured surface to 1/4 to 1/2-inch thickness. So I tried another blogger’s soft sugar cookie recipe yesterday and they were awful, lol! Instead of water I used (spicy, not sweet) chai concentrate, added chai tea powder, and a bunch of spice (cardamom, nutmeg, cloves, and cinnamon) and they turned out super well. Some stomach aches are worth it! The dough was nice and “pliable”and I am confident that I could roll it to make shapes with my granddaughter, I did use organic corn oil as that was what I had available. My mom is GF and we tried it and it worked out great! Figured is add that Incase someone else finds themselves in the same boat. I add a little nutmeg as well as almond extract, and everyone asks for “my” recipe. LOL! I searched many recipes but found I did not have the requisite vegan based ingredients and was uncertain about other ingredients I did have on hand. Yay, so happy grandma liked them too! As long as I kept the dough cold, they held their shapes! Add soy milk and mix in to create a big ball of dough. Thank you so much for doing the legwork! Very tasty. We’ve included a simple vanilla Vegan icing to put on the cookies at the end of the recipe for your pleasure If you’re adding sprinkles, be careful to make sure they’re Vegan like these here. I decided to make these using….holiday sprinkles…..oh my not a good idea… the green from the red, white, green sprinkles….turned the dough a grayish green….lol. I tried making these cookies exactly as written twice in the past week. My husband said they were the best sugar cookies he’s ever eaten and polished off 2 dozen in 4 days!! On the second trial, I used about 1/3 tsp of regular Morton’s iodized table salt and the cookies were delicious. You’ll see!! Thanks so much! yes. My four year old daughter has a very severe allergy to dairy and egg so I’m always looking for good vegan recipes. I know most cookies are but I haven’t tried with sugar cookies yet. I haven’t (or maybe I have), but I could (or I will, again). These are the best cookies I have ever made! I would recommend cutting down by like half!! Hi Vicki, so glad your daughter can enjoy these cookies along with the rest of your family! Thanks for the recipe! A great way to keep the weekend cravings ready. Hi Vasilisa, you’d probably need to alter the recipe a great deal if you substituted coconut flour since it’s gluten free. The dough flavor is tasty, though , Do you know if I can replace the water by soy milk? They were delicious. However at that price, not reasonable. Has anyone tried this? Daily Vegan Meal will use the information you provide on this form to be in touch with you and to provide updates and marketing. Thank you! It was hard to make them into balls. My cousin lives in other state and she asked me to send these to her. I did use actually both of those instead of the oil . Thank you for this recipe. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Super simple, and so tasty however you eat it. Would these work if I rolled out the dough to make different shaped cookies? I’m just wondering if they’d turn out the same? I haven’t tried it. Keyword: how to make sugar cookies, how to make vegan sugar cookies… So glad you found the recipe and I hope your daughter and her friend enjoyed the cookies. They were sooooo good and chewy and everyone loved them! Thanks – I’ll be making them often and next time maybe hiding a couple. Can I substitute brown sugar instead of white? And wouldvratio be the same? This is not an issue I’ve ever had or any other commenters have had. We'll assume you're ok with this, but you can opt-out if you wish. Thanks for the recipe, these cookies were great! Will apple cider vinegar affect the taste? Thanks for the recipe! I also made homemade lemon icing and poured some on top after the cookies cooled, it was on point! Is there a way to use this recipe with cookie cutters, to roll out and make shapes? It’s such an awesome feeling to see our babies enjoy foods as everyone else in the family isnt it?! I’ve made 4 batches of these in the past three weeks! Anise seeds, how interesting! Granulated Sugar 3. Thank you! Remove cookies from oven and place on cooling rack to cool completely. They’re still very soft when they come out of the oven, but they firm up significantly as they cool. A perfect, moist and chewy cookie. <3 unicorn approved! Cream together with an electric mixer until soft and fluffy. First add the vegan butter, brown sugar, cinnamon, cardamom, ginger, and optional anise & black pepper to a mixing bowl. Again, delicious. Combine the softened vegan butter and sugar in a large mixing bowl. Easy homemade vegan Snickerdoodle cookies – soft, chewy, and delicious. Prep Time 40 mins JUst made these and rolled them in cinnamon sugar to make snickerdoodles , My dough was super crumbly also. This soft and chewy vegan sugar cookie recipe is gluten-free, egg-free, grain-free, refined-sugar free and includes low carb, keto and paleo-friendly sweetener options. I didn’t have sprinkles, so I opted for chocolate chips and lemme just tell ya they taste amazing!! I didn’t have sprinkles so I omitted them, but the end cookies ended up being a little too salty for my liking. Hi Isabella, I’m not sure about the calorie count. I know it’s been said but with the holidays here and people looking for recipes I’m going to add again that these cookies are a delicious, soft sugar cookie and you absolutely can NOT taste the … I mean, we’re talking basic sugar cookies here guys. Repeat with remaining sheet. Mix on medium speed to combine until dough is formed. I made them with Kroger brand Pure Coconut Oil and they are amaaaaazing. Followed recipe to a T and got cute delicious cookies!! I added 2 tbsp. My daughter and I just made these…they are DELICIOUS!!! Ingredients you need for Vegan Cut-Out Cookies: Classic vegan cut out cookies typically call for vegan butter, coconut oil, almond milk, baking soda, baking powder and granulated sugar. It’s 3/4 of 1 tsp (so from your way of looking at it, 1/4tsp + 1/4tsp + 1/4 tsp), which is the average amount for a cookie recipe. For those who have asked, regular white sugar may not be vegan as it is sometimes bleached by using bone char. I immediately ate two. The last time I added 2 flax eggs and that kept them from running but didn’t alleviate the baking soda taste. However, I did have issues with the texture of the final cookie. Crossing fingers they turn out good! I just substituted the rainbow sprinkled for purple, orange, green and black and it was fine. Regular coconut oil will harden when chilled and likely affect how the cookies bake up. Totally not vegan but I have a client who is vegan and so I wanted to make him a special treat and to be honest I wasn’t sure where to start with making vegan cookies and so I went to the googles and saw this recipe and I absolutely love these cookies!! I followed the recipe exactly and they didn’t work out! These are the absolute best sugar cookies I’ve made vegan or not. These were great.. Just made these adorable and delicious cookies! Cinnamon I’m gonna keep this recipe in my books for years! I’ve only frozen the portioned out raw dough but I’m sure they’d be fine. :~). Love that you subbed in chocolate chips. . Is there anything I can add to make them softer? I am not a baker, so if … Most of what I make is “good for being vegan”. May I use almond milk instead of the water? Beat again on high speed … They turned out amazing. It’s in there to react with the baking soda and is undetectable at 1 teaspoon. my kids tried to bribe me to let them eat five. I could quite literally eat half a dozen of these cookies in one sitting. Thank you! I also used “Melt” instead of the oil and oat milk instead of the water. I’m on a dairy-free diet so I went looking for a Christmas cookie without butter. I made these recently in hopes to impress my flatmates. Nothing I found looked just right and all of them seemed overly complicated in the ingredient department. Almost didn’t make it into the oven… (0; LOL! Thank you so much!! , This has been my go to recipe for the past year! That’s a good problem to have I suppose! I most recently rolled the balls of dough in green sprinkles before putting them on the cookie sheet to make St. Paddy’s Day cookies for my son’s school. Sugar cookies are truly the best cookie for celebrating because you can make them into anything. I also rolled them in cinamin sugar and cardimum before I baked them! I am saving this and making again! Hi Kate, I haven’t tried it yet but please let us know if you give it a try and how it works out. Ultimately, the cookies were wonderful, but on my first batch we used 1 tsp of coarse sea salt which produced a very salty aftertaste. I used 1/2 the amount of salt, but everything else to the recipe. Either way they were good but maybe longer refrigerating resulted in better looking and improved texture cookies. Thanks for a fantastic, super easy cookie recipe. They’re dangerous to have in the house, especially because they stay perfectly soft days after baking. Made for a friend who is on a vegan diet for medical reasons… and made per directions except used extra virgin olive oil (first cold press) which I use in all my baking/cooking.

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