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1924 - J.L. 1989 - To reduce its debt, R.J.R Nabisco, Inc. agrees to sell assets worth $5 billion and the divestitures commence - primarily European and South African biscuit, candy and snacks businesses. Better known as Nabisco, it went on to introduce a number of popular consumer brands such as Oreo cookies (1912) and Ritz crackers (1934). 1923 - N.B.C. 1853 - Alexander Brown retires and leaves the business in the hands of William Christie.*. Nabisco International’s largest market is Brazil where it operates 15 manufacturing facilities. The result of that meeting was the formation in 1890 of the American Biscuit & Manufacturing Company, led by Adolphus Green. Epic Provisions . Kellogg is getting out of the cookie business to focus on snacks and cereal. It opens on October 20. As part of the deal Nabisco receives full ownership of United Biscuits’ current operations in China, Hong Kong and Taiwan. The first commercials with this new signature air on January 1 on CBS and NBC telecasts of the Tournament of Roses Parade in California. 1889-1890 - With the assistance of attorney Adolphus Green, the American Biscuit & Manufacturing Company is formed through the amalgamation of 40 Midwestern bakeries including Sommer-Richardson Baking Company, St. Joseph, Missouri; Aldridge Bakery and Bremner Bakery, Chicago; Carpenter & Underwood, Milwaukee; Dozier Baking Company, St. Louis; Langeles Bakery, New Orleans; and Loose Brothers, Kansas City. Kraft & Bros. Co., with J.L. Fig Newton: History and Invention of the Cookies Kraft Foods is named “Most Innovative Company” by Consumer Goods Technology. This big factory. The supply of chicle sat in a warehouse until Adams was inspired by a girl asking for chewing gum in a New York drugstore. Nabisco owns 32 percent of Grupo Gamesa. Thomas Jr. then built a gum powerhouse in 1899 by merging with the six largest and best-known chewing gum manufacturers in the United States and Canada, and achieved great success as the maker of Chiclets. 1861 - John Cadbury is in poor health and hands the reigns of the business to his sons Richard and George Cadbury. And United Biscuits acquires Nabisco’s business businesses in Spain, Portugal, the Middle East and Africa. 1992 - KGF International buys an Italian coffee business that includes the Splendid and Caramba brands. The products will be exported to the entire Middle East region. 2010 - On February 2 Kraft Foods acquires U.K.-based Cadbury plc for $18.5 billion The combination of Kraft Foods and Cadbury creates a global powerhouse in snacks, confectionery and quick meals. Redevelopment opportunity situated on 11 prime acres of land; 202,000 sq. 1928 - Shredded Wheat Company – manufacturer of Triscuit crackers and Shredded Wheat cereal – is acquired by National Biscuit Company. Integration of the two companies begins immediately. George Cadbury becomes chairman of the new board. Kraft Foods International’s Latin America region now has its own R&D facility where new products and packaging can be developed and tested – the Kraft Research and Development Center opens in January in Curitiba, Brazil. The success of J.L. RJR Nabisco, Inc., was an American conglomerate, selling tobacco and food products, headquartered in the Calyon Building in Midtown Manhattan, New York City. 2000 - Pfizer Inc. acquires Warner-Lambert Company, including its Adams confectionery division and its gum brands. Nabisco, Inc., of which the parent company is R.J.R. Adolphus Green was the genius that founded the modern day Nabisco, which was known as the "biscuit trust" after J.P. Morgan combined much of the nation's bakeries under a single entity that Green controlled. Following Holger Sørensen death in 1943, his son, Erik Bagger-Sørensen, took charge of the company along with his mother. 1939 - At the start of World War II the bakery is again requisitioned to make biscuits for school children and bread for war prisoners. 1971 - National Biscuit Company formally changes its name to Nabisco, Inc. as of April 27 although it has used the Nabisco name on an informal basis for many years. Kraft & Bros. Co. headquarters is now located at 400 Rush Street in Chicago, Illinois. Kraft rents a horse and wagon, purchases wholesale cheese and begins selling it to small stores in Chicago, Illinois. Carl Russ-Suchard had been experimenting for a long time on how to enhance the taste and consistency of chocolate bars - which were still quite bitter and hard in those days - by adding milk. In this way, a completely new product was developed - in terms of its form and mixture - in 1908. The Quaker Oats brand name is more than 140 years old. The groundbreaking ceremony is on October 10. The two companies sign an agreement to create a new holding company, the British Cocoa and Chocolate Company, which takes over the assets of both businesses. 1861 - Alexander Brown returns in partnership with William Christie and the name Christie, Brown & Co. is adopted. [40] Less than four percent of Ivory Coast remains densely forested, and the chocolate companies' laissez-faire approach to sourcing has driven extensive deforestation in Ghana as well. Adolphus Green(1843–1917) started the American Biscuit and Manufacturing Company in 1890 after acquiring 40 different bakeries. RJR Nabisco stopped operating as a single entity in 1999; however, both RJR (as R. J. Reynolds Tobacco Company) and Nabisco (now part of Mondelēz … ", "Oreo maker scoops up Tate's chocolate-chip cookies", "Riverside completes its sale of Tate's Bake Shop to Mondelēz International Inc", "Oreo-owner Mondelez to take majority stake in Perfect Bar-parent, Perfect Snacks", "Mondelēz International Completes Acquisition of Majority Interest in Perfect Snacks®", "Mondelez buys majority stake in Canadian maker of two-bite brownies Give & Go", "Mondelēz International completes acquisition of Give & Go", "Mondelz International.docx | Mondelez International | Pension", "Cars out, snacks in as virus impacts US company profits", Olam Livelihood Charter 2016: Equipping smallholders to secure their future. Kraft was acquired in 1988 by tobacco giant Philip Morris Companies, which had also purchased General Foods in 1985 and went on to buy Nabisco Holdings in 2000. Business declines and the partnership dissolves. About one ton of chicle from Mexico was shipped to New York and Adams, assisted by his son Thomas Jr., tried unsuccessfully to use chicle as a rubber substitute for tires and other items. In September 1985, Reynolds Industries acquired Nabisco Brands. We are using cookies in order to facilitate your navigation. In 1861, when William suffered financial setbacks, Alexander Brown returned to the business, which then adopted the name Christie, Brown & Company. Over the following decades the company grows and in the 1960’s becomes part of America’s National Biscuit Company (Nabisco). 1997 - Warner-Lambert changes the name of its gum and confectionery unit from American Chicle Group to Adams. Analyse qualitative des facteurs de déforestation et de dégradation des forêts en Côte d'Ivoire. 1961 - The company establishes a Consumer Services Group to respond to increased interest in product information and quality. [6] It ranked No. Kraft Foods acquires the Russian and Polish confectionery businesses of Germany-based Stollwerck AG. This medal crowned the career of Jean-Romain who died one year later. ft. 4-story commercial brick building Within a few years – in 1898 – the young company called A/S Freia went public and its stock began trading on the stock exchange. 1898 - National Biscuit Company (often referred to as N.B.C.) Mondelez International's Cocoa Life Partners with FLOCERT to Verify Supply Chain. Philip Morris Companies Inc., parent company of Kraft Foods Inc., changes its name to Altria Group, Inc. Hygienic and pleasant surroundings, health services, pension benefits and profit sharing were all implemented at Freia years before they became the norm in Norwegian industry. The site is renamed “Unique Place.”. In Japan, National Biscuit Company, along with partners Yamazaki Baking Co. and Nichimen Trading Co., establish a joint venture and form a new company, Yamazaki Nabisco Co., Ltd. (YNCO). 1940 - The company currently bakes over 500 varieties of cookies, crackers, bread and fruitcake. 1974 - The suggested retail price of Dentyne, Trident, Chiclets and other Adams brand gums is now 15 cents per package. Kraft’s brothers – Charles, Fred, Norman and John - involved in the business. The purchase expands the food giant's reach into the $89 billion snacking segment increasingly popular with on-the-go consumers. A single serving of the original cracker (about 5) provides … 1831 - With growing sales of cocoa and drinking chocolate, Cadbury decides to produce hem on a larger scale. The expensive “medicine” cost him six francs. The name Nabisco first appeared on a new sugar wafer product in 1901, but the corporate name did not change until 1971. Cadbury Schweppes acquired the branded chewing gum business of Dandy A/S from the Bagger-Sørensen family in 2002. Using borrowed funds, KKR acquires the stock of R.J.R. Kraft Foods International is reorganized into four regional units. Nabisco acquires Galletera Tejerias, S.A. in Venezuela. Nabisco, Inc. now has 3 operating units: Nabisco Biscuit Company, U.S. Foods Group and Nabisco International, Inc. Biscuit leadership in Taiwan is gained through the acquisition of the assets of Lucky Enterprises Corporation Limited, the leading biscuit company in Taiwan. The name R.J.R. This acquisition includes Peak Freans brand. During the war, rationing is enforced and raw materials are in short supply. Freia had opened a very fashionable store on Oslo's main commercial street at th end of the previous century. 1930 - National Dairy Products Corporation (NDPC), with headquarters in New York City, acquires Kraft-Phenix Cheese Corporation in May. 1889 - Late in the year attorney William Moore forms the New York Biscuit Company through the combination of the Bent & Company, Milton, Massachusetts; John Pearson & Son, Newburyport, Massachusetts; Wilson Baking Company, Philadelphia; Parks & Savage, Hartford, Connecticut; J.D. [9] Two years later, it was listed on the New York Stock Exchange. 1909 - After the Paris Exposition in 1900, Louis Lefèvre-Utile appeals to Mr. Bluysen to erect two similar towers to frame the main entrance to the LU factory in Nantes. It was Mr Icahn threat of a partial tender offer that forced Nabisco to put itself up for sale. Mason & Company, Baltimore, Maryland; Burlington Bread Company, Burlington, Vermont; New Haven Baking Company, New Haven, Connecticut; and Treadwell & Harris, New York. Nabisco, in full National Biscuit Company, former U.S. snack food and bakery product company. Between 1986 and 1989 a new modern factory is built in La Haye-Fouassière. 1910 - Business increases 125% over the preceding year. United States Baking Company—with bakeries in Ohio, Indiana, Michigan and Pennsylvania—is also organized with the assistance of Adolphus Green. These crackers were similar in shape and size, but had a … Nabisco becomes an official NASCAR sponsor. 1850 - Jean-Romain marries Pauline-Isabelle Utile who is from his home town of Meuse. Pauline-Isabelle assumed management of the bakery after her husband’s death. Kraft Foods North America acquires the Back to Nature cereal and granola businesses from Organic Milling, Inc. a privately held manufacturer of natural products, in September. 1940 - Kraft-Phenix Cheese Corporation, a subsidiary of NDPC, changes its name to Kraft Cheese Company. In 1846 John took his brother Benjamin into partnership and the name of the firm was changed to Cadbury Brothers. 1 – Snapping and Stretching”. | 1978 - “Nabisco – America’s Cookie Jar” advertising campaign launches nationwide in the United States. At a pharmacist in Neuchâtel he went to buy a pound of chocolate - known as a “pick-me-up” at that time - as a medical remedy for his ailing mother. Nabisco International, Inc. and Nabisco Foods Group are now separate business units of R.J.R. 1958 - Nabisco products are now selling – through representatives – in 82 countries outside the United States. Santa Anna suggested to Adams that he create a formula to make carriage or bicycle tires by experimenting with chicle, a substance found in Central American sapodilla fruit trees. Launched in 1960 as a sugar gum, it is now a high quality sugarless gum. The split was completed in October 2012. Nabisco Brands, Inc. reorganizes its worldwide business into two units – Nabisco Brands USA and International Nabisco Brands (including Canada). It is derived from the Latin word mundus ("world") and delez, a fanciful modification of the word "delicious."[3][4][5]. Their dedication, in addition to innovative new products and quality improvements, help the business survive and prosper. Over 20% of the company’s volume is outside the U.S. and about 30% of the 36,000 employees are located abroad. [24] The half-cash, half-stock deal valued Hershey stock at $107 a share. Adolphus Green, a successful attorney in Chicago, Illinois, began his association with the baking industry in the late 1880s when a committee of prominent bakery owners across the Midwest came to his office and sought his assistance. Jean-Romain Lefèvre et Pauline-Isabelle Utile. He left school at 16 to work for a dairy and export merchant in Melbourne, gaining an education and inspiration for his future endeavors. National Biscuit Company’s enters the Australian market with the acquisition of a group of companies jointly referred to as The Spry Group. In 1871 Adams registered U.S. Patent #111,798 for a method of preparing “chickly” [chicle] to produce chewing gum and began commercial mass production of the confectionery product. 1960s - The company’s family of products is reduced from over 200 to 60 and then reduced again to just 15. 2010 - Kraft Foods Inc. acquires Cadbury plc on February 2, including the Cadbury Adams gum business. At that time this was equivalent to about three days wages for a laborer. 1972 - Peek Frean (Canada) Ltd. changes its name to Associated Biscuits of Canada Ltd. Associated Biscuits of Canada Ltd. acquires David Biscuits Ltd., maker of David cookies and confections. They quickly expanded the operation, building it into an internationally renowned company. 1952 - Larger self-serve supermarkets are replacing the corner grocery store and Nabisco needs a unified symbol to attract consumer’s attention. [20] Kraft Foods Group later merged with Heinz to become Kraft Heinz. Even today, his name and his products are well-known far beyond Switzerland. In the biscuit category, Nabisco International is the market leader in Spain, Argentina, Venezuela, Puerto Rico, Nicaragua, Uruguay, Taiwan and Beijing, China. Kraft Foods purchases Turkish snacks company Kar Gida, which adds well-known potato chips brands such as Cipso, Pekos, Patos, Critos and Cerezos to the company’s portfolio. 1927 - American Chicle Company opens a factory in Mexico City. 1994 - BSN changes its name to Danone Group. Nabisco is closing a factory in Chicago, and they’re moving to Mexico. 1917 - During World War I National Biscuit Company produces 800,000 bread rations (similar to the old hardtack biscuits) per day to sustain the soldiers. Nabisco review from Irvine, California with 1 Comment: These cookies will never be the same. On June 26, 2006, the Board of Directors of Kraft Foods Inc. announces the appointment of Irene Rosenfeld as Chief Executive Officer. This dew-drop design is added to cookie packaging other than cellophane in 1971. Production begins on this “factory in a garden” in September. Christie, Brown and Company, Limited ceases to exist as an organizational entity but the familiar Christie triangle trademark remains on Nabisco’s cookies and crackers in Canada. Hall Bros. (formed in 1893) is a manufacturer of medicated sweets and other sugar confectionery. It is incorporated early in the year 1890 and is headquartered in Chicago, Illinois. OREO.com has everything you want from your favorite brand - recipes, OREO cookies, Personalized gift, merchandise, and brand purposed [10][9], On September 7, 2009, Kraft made a hostile £10.2 billion takeover bid for the British confectionery group Cadbury, makers of Dairy Milk and Bournville chocolate. 1000's of dessert recipes, snack ideas, appetizer recipes, and more for every occasion and holiday. LU receives the only grand prize given to a French biscuit company. 1975 - Nabisco relocates its global headquarters from New York City to the new building in East Hanover, New Jersey. Jean-Romain dies the following year and his wife Pauline-Isabelle takes over the management of the bakery with assistance from their son Louis. 1878 - Alexander Brown again retires and William Christie continues doing business under the name of Christie, Brown & Co. 1899 - A joint stock company is formed under an Ontario charter on June 1 and William Christie is made the first president of Christie, Brown and Company, Limited. 1905 - David biscuits are introduced in Quebec by Arsene and Raymond David. 1980 - Dominic Cadbury becomes managing director of the UK Confectionery Division and institutes the biggest revolution of Cadbury’s UK factories since the rebuilding of Bournville in the 1920s. He considered many names for the product and decided on Uneeda biscuit. [13] It had significant political and public opposition in the United Kingdom and abroad, leading to a call for the government to implement economic protectionism in large-company takeovers. [45], In April 2015, the US Commodity and Futures Commission (CTFC) alleged that Mondelez International and its former subsidiary, Mondelez Global, bought $90 million (£61 million) of wheat futures with no intention of taking delivery. After several years, John decided to start manufacturing on a commercial scale. Kraft and his company was noted by Thomas McInnerney, founder of National Dairy Products Corporation. 1929 - Dad's cookies are introduced in Ontario and Quebec. According to Rosenfeld, "We expect it will remain weak for the foreseeable future." 1915 - J.L. All biscuit production is transferred from the old factory in Nantes and those buildings are closed and sold. Kraft Foods is now the world’s leading biscuit company. 1918 - The acronym N.B.C. Stride, “the ridiculously long lasting gum,” is introduced it the U.S. 2008 - Specific varieties of Trident, Dentyne Ice and Stride sugar-free chewing gum are granted the American Dental Association (ADA) Seal of Acceptance in recognition of the gums’ ability to help prevent cavities by strengthening teeth and reducing plaque acids. 1925 - Christie, Brown and Company, Limited is incorporated under a Dominion charter. 2009 - The company’s World Travel Retail division becomes a separate limited liability company effective April 20. By 1909, his brothers Charles, John, Fred and Norman joined him, and they incorporated the business under the name of J.L. 1933 - A revolutionary gum wrapper is developed that seals all the original factory freshness inside an airtight foil wrapper. Deliveries were made to all parts of Canada. William M. Christie came to Canada from Scotland at the age of 19 in 1848 and worked as a baker in Toronto. "Cocoa production in West Africa, a review and analysis of recent developments". The bakers realized that times were changing and that bakeries had to change with it. Mondelez International is rooted in the National Dairy Products Corporation (National Dairy), which was founded on December 10, 1923, by Thomas H. McInnerney and Edward E. Rieck. His son Robert Jaffray (R.J.) Christie assumes the presidency. 1989 - Warner-Lambert gum and mint sales top $1Billion for the first time. Ritz Crackers - General Information. 1953 - Wartime rationing comes to an end in the United Kingdom and full supplies of sugar and full cream milk are again available. Kellogg announces plans to sell its Keebler, Famous Amos and fruit snacks businesses to Ferrero for $1.3 billion. 1956 - Famous American (Paris born) industrial and graphic designer Raymond Loewy creates a new modern LU logo. [14] On January 19, 2010, Cadbury approved a revised offer from Kraft which valued the company at £11.5 billion ($19.5 billion). ©Mondelēz International. 1948 - Peek Frean (Canada) Ltd. is incorporated. There are practical business reasons why this site is appealing: canal and rail links, roads and water supply. [21] The merger was confirmed on May 6, 2014, and completed on July 2, 2015. Taking into account integration costs, the acquisition reduced Kraft's earnings per share by about 33% immediately after the Cadbury purchase. It includes market-leading brands such as LU, TUC and Prince, and operations in more than 20 countries, including 32 manufacturing facilities. Its headquarters is also in Chicago, Illinois. Thomas Jr. took boxes of their new chewing gum and left them on consignment at drug stores. The merger adds Planters nuts and snacks, Royal dry dessert mixes, and Fleischmann’s and Blue Bonnet margarine, among others, to the Nabisco portfolio. [26] The acquisition was completed on June 7, 2018. The birth of the modern day chewing gum industry can be traced to the 1850s when Thomas Adams Sr., a New York wholesale glass merchant and inventor, became acquainted with General Antonio López de Santa Anna, president of Mexico. Moving swiftly into the newly opened Central and Eastern European market, KGF International acquires five local confectionery companies in that region: Csemege in Hungary, Figaro in Slovakia, Kaunas in Lithuania, Olza in Poland, and Republika in Bulgaria. Their chicle gum was a success with consumers and soon reorders poured in. In 1915, they began producing processed cheese in 3-1/2 and 7-3/4 ounce tins. The Uneeda Biscuit Boy, wearing a yellow slicker, makes his debut in advertising. With the right intuition for the ingredients and an entrepreneurial, forward-looking vision, he was able to introduce a sustainable milk chocolate on the market with this process. Nabisco’s cellophane-wrapped cookie line gets a new look that features a diagonal “dew-drop” design. [27], On June 19, 2019, Mondelez agreed to acquire a majority interest in Perfect Snacks, owner of refrigerated protein bar Perfect Bar. The company's "hands" commercials, showing a pair of hands preparing recipes using Kraft products, became a symbol of the company's advertising success. The East York bakery is located at 5 Bermondsey Road. William Christie is an assistant traveling salesman for the enterprise. The confections business is called Cadbury plc.  /  Sylvester S. Marvin, prominent Philadelphia baker, is president. [25], On May 6, 2018, Mondelez agreed to buy cookie maker Tate's Bake Shop for approximately $500 million. The 12 Munch paintings in the “Freia frieze” adorn the walls of the present dining room, which faces the lovely Freia Park where a stunning collection of sculptures is surrounded by beautiful flowers. Up until his golden years, Carl Russ-Suchard contributed his competence and experience to chocolate production. Henning Throne-Holst, the son of the founder of Norway’s Freia chocolate company, was commissioned by his father, Johan, to go to Sweden in 1916 and start a chocolate industry there named after the Freia company logo, the Marabou stork. 1962 - Warner-Lambert acquires American Chicle Company and re-names it American Chicle Group. By 1883 Chocolat Suchard was one of the largest chocolate companies in Switzerland, and Philippe Suchard was one of the most important chocolate manufacturers. Philip Morris Companies Inc. makes an initial public offering (IPO) for Kraft Foods Inc. Class A common stock in the second largest IPO in U.S. history. 1968 - Dad’s Industries Ltd. is incorporated, with Dad’s Cookies Ltd. as a subsidiary. 2006 - Kraft announces plans to build a coffee processing plant near St. Petersburg, Russia. 1992 - Nabisco Foods Group no longer includes the international food business. The company is still referred to by most as “Cadbury.” A new site is found for Fry’s outside of Bristol at Keynsham. In 1882 Lefèvre-Utile biscuits won a gold medal at the Nantes exposition. Nabisco in two stages – 75% on February 9, 1989 and 25% on April 28, 1989. They combined their lives - and their surnames - and Lefèvre-Utile biscuits were born. The company has an annual revenue of about $26 billion and operates in approximately 160 countries. KGF International acquires Jacobs Suchard, making the company number one in European roast and ground coffee and a leader in chocolate confectionery. The Canadian subsidiaries become Nabisco Brands Canada Ltd. on December 31. And the LU factory employed several hundred workers.  /. This transaction adds Grey Poupon and A.1. 1993 - KGF International purchases Freia Marabou, Scandinavia’s premier confectioner, and Terry’s of York, a major United Kingdom confectioner. His confectionery company named Vejle Caramel-og Tabletfabrik earned a reputation for high quality products. [11] On November 9 the company's bid (then £9.8 billion) was rejected by Cadbury, which called it a "derisory" offer. Kraft and his brothers decide to manufacture and sell their own cheese products so the company buys its first cheese plant – in Stockton, Illinois. In 1847 the business moved to a new factory in Bridge Street. 2007 - Kraft Foods Inc. becomes a fully independent company on March 30 following its spin-off from Altria Group, Inc. Shares of Kraft Foods Inc. begin trading on the New York Stock Exchange on April 2. 1977 - Céraliment LU-Brun (CLB) takes control of the Belgian company GBCo (Général Biscuit, l’Alsacienne, De Beukelaer, Parein). Kraft Foods Inc. releases its first annual report and holds its first annual stockholders meeting. The word ‘Uneeda’, which has become one of the country’s best known brand names, is inserted under the colophon as part of the coat of arms (logo). 1964 - Warner Lambert, through its British affiliate, purchases Hall Bros (Whitefield) Ltd., of Manchester, England. 1989 - Effective in March, Philip Morris Companies Inc. combines Kraft, Inc. and General Foods Corporation (which Philip Morris acquired in 1985) to form Kraft General Foods, Inc. (KGF), the largest food company in the United States and Canada, and the second largest in the world. The excess of the 1980s brought about reckless spending and indulgent management for RJR Nabisco. This change is part of a re-organization of the company’s structure in Europe. During several trips to Alsace, Emil Baumann - the former production manager of the company and cousin of Theodor Tobler - discovered white nougat. Annual sales in Latin America reach $1.1 billion. Remaining Kraft employees move from the Peshtigo Court to Glenview in the early 1980s. Nabisco, Inc. is taken private by Kohlberg Kravis Roberts & Co. At the time, it is the largest leveraged buyout ever at about $26 billion ($109 a share). Stimorol, which would become Dandy’s most popular gum brand, was introduced in 1956. Tobler and Baumann experimented by adding small pieces of the nougat to their milk chocolate. Kraft as president. 2006 - Cadbury Adams introduces a new gum brand. [21] The name of the newly-merged company would be Jacobs Douwe Egberts. 1949 - Production of Peek Freans biscuits begins in Canada when Peek Frean (Canada) Ltd. opens a bakery in East York, Ontario (Toronto). Nabisco review from Irvine, California with 1 Comment: These cookies will never be the same. 1874 - The business moves again to a building on Frederick and Duke Streets. There are now subsidiary companies operating in12 other countries around the world. 2004 - In January, Kraft Foods Inc. announces a new global “One Company” organizational structure comprised of three entities: global marketing and category development group, geographic-based commercial units, and corporate functions. After World War II, he gained sole responsibility for managing the company. The snack-food company, called Mondelez International, would be the legal successor of the old Kraft Foods, while the grocery company would be a new company, Kraft Foods Group. 1846 - Jean-Romain Lefèvre opens a bakery at number 5 rue Boileau in Nantes, France. The marketing of Cadbury Cocoa Essence as “Absolutely Pure, Therefore Best” helped sales increase dramatically. In September of 1849 he joined a partnership formed by James Mathers and Alexander Brown to work as an assistant baker and traveling salesman. The company grew quickly and became the most successful chocolate producer in Scandinavia. In July, Kraft Foods announces global initiatives to help address worldwide rising obesity rates. In 1900, the son of William Christie, Robert J. Christie, took over the business. 1986 - R.J. Reynolds Industries, Inc. changes its name to R.J.R. This gives the LU business a more multi-national position. Pearson & Sons Bakery opened in Massachusetts in 1792, and they made a biscuit called pilot bread for consumption on long sea voyages.

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