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KFC vs Popeyes Posted by: SamStevens. In round one, the top seed Chick-fil-A easily took down Burger King in its matchup over best chicken sandwich, capturing 91% of the vote. Sarah Schmalbruch / INSIDER, Our next stop was Chick-fil-A, which claims to be "Home of the original chicken sandwich. POPEYES vs JOLLIBEE vs KFC vs CHURCH'S - FAST FOOD FRIED CHICKEN BATTLE! If you're not in the market for blacked-style mashed potatoes, go to KFC. KFC vs Popeyes. Those craving fried chicken in Singapore admittedly does not have a large range of outlets to choose from. If you're willing to sacrifice a true, on-the-bone experience, Chick-fil-A's strips are your best bet. And you can get a 5 piece for 3.29 After finishing our taste test, there was no doubt in our mind that Popeyes was the champion. But once we took a bite, it was hard not to love this chicken. We ordered the original chicken 3-piece meal, which comes with a honey-butter drizzled biscuit for $5.43. KFC tends to have a greasier taste, while Popeyes packs more of a crunch. Their chicken had the best crunch, flavor, and tenderness. Popeyes though has a Cajun flare to everything. 12 votes 1 comment. As well, of 7, 2 thought MB's had the best overall taste. If you're willing to sacrifice a true, on-the-bone experience, Chick-fil-A's strips are your best bet. KFC is famous for its Original Recipe® fried chicken. But now it faces pressure to get its supply chain back, says RB’s The Bottom Line. 20 Total Votes 1. Popeyes takes share from Chick-fil-A and KFC Based on Technomic data, the chain’s chicken sandwich frenzy was bad news for two big rivals. KFC was Coca Cola while Lee's was RC Cola in that KFC had way better marketing and national distribution. Popeyes boasts bonafide real chicken that is "marinated for at least 12 hours, then hand-battered, hand-breaded, and bursting with bold Louisiana flavor.". Although the batter did have some flavor, the chicken was hard and lacked the flaky crunch the others had. Our first reaction upon seeing the strips was disappointment. Not all restaurants get it right — which is why we set out to find which ones do. Sarah Schmalbruch / INSIDER. [Photographs: Meredith Smith] Growing up there were two fried chicken places in my hometown: Lee's Famous Recipe (known over the years as Famous Recipe and later just Lee's) and KFC(formerly Kentucky Fried Chicken). The taste of it is familiar, yet plenty of recipes can offer new exciting takes on how it ought to be cooked. They seemed small compared to Church's. Though Popeyes’ offering, save its wrinkly “brioche” bun, looked far more like the photo KFC sent with its press annoucement, taste-wise they were pretty near identical. Like what you see here? The combination of juicy meat, crunchy skin, my favorite pieces, and a buttery biscuit was by far the winner. Subscribe to our newsletter to get the latest recipes and tips! I consider myself a fried chicken connoisseur because it's one of my absolute favorite foods and I eat it at least once every couple of weeks! Popeyes has 3,102 restaurants, which are located in more than 40 states and the District of Columbia, Puerto Rico, and 30 countries worldwide. KFC wins the biscuit battle, for sure. I don’t see the hoopla with Popeyes, which doesn’t have a distinct taste but a nice crunchy skin, but salty and tasting similar to others, to me. It was crunchy, and I … While Chick-fil-A was delicious, it tasted more like a chicken nugget than true, on-the-bone fried chicken. However, while the chicken itself was full of flavor, the batter was pretty bland. Popeyes. The real debate came when picking between Chick-fil-A and Church's for second place. A good piece of fried chicken has to achieve the difficult balance of being crispy on the outside, and juicy on the inside. Meanwhile, chicken sandwich newcomer Popeyes vanquished Wendy's, capturing 69% of the vote, to set up the final round we all expected. That said, part of the size discrepancy stemmed from the fact that this chicken does not come on-the-bone, and appears to be ground up meat — essentially a glorified chicken nugget. At first bite, we were struck by the overall juiciness of the chicken and the perfect crunch of the breading. Popeye’s vs. KFC vs. Church’s Chicken. This means that worldwide, KFC and Popeyes generate more or less equal amounts of … The Talk forum is closed - check out our Reddit, Facebook, and Twitter accounts instead. 23 Total Votes 1. Report Post. KFC. Popeyes is an American multinational chain of fried chicken fast food restaurant and is the second-largest “quick-service chicken restaurant group, measured by a number of units”, after KFC. If I had to choose between only the two, I would go with KFC. The chickens themselves are often scrawny in size, and they tend to leave them too long under heat lamps such that freshly-fried chicken is the exception rather than the rule. We also had a clear loser — KFC. Overall impressions. About thirty … But don't bother with KFC. Compare Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen and KFC pros and cons using consumer ratings with latest reviews. Their chicken was dry, and their batter bland. With high hopes, we ordered the 2-piece meal, this time coming in at $5.99 — which is quite a bit more expensive than the other chains, considering you're getting less meat. The chain bought the chicken’s spice recipe for $43 million. Stamm’s (a la carte pricing, $3.50 per breast) Stamm’s is a Carlisle institution with the charm of a … Tried Popeyes last night, and while their chicken pieces are big and they have buttermilk biscuits, which KFC doesn t in Canada, the chicken was just okay. February 21, 2018 February 16, 2018 | PriceListo Staff. So, with that you can imagine that KFC was a distant third. Subscriber This is a space for friendly local discussions. Nothing beats homemade fried chicken, but when you want a quick fix, who satifies your craving better??? Chick-fil-A. Sarah Schmalbruch / INSIDER. KFC still has a distict flavor which is their’s alone and taste unlike anything else, which is what I … A worldwide chicken-chain, KFC also has quite a large fan base to its name. Classic Sage and Sausage Stuffing (Dressing), Crisp-Skinned Spatchcocked (Butterflied) Roast Turkey With Gravy. This chicken had everything. since. The final verdict. Size- … KFC vs. Popeye’s: Fried Chicken Smackdown That's Popeyes on the right, KFC on the left Kentucky Fried Chicken, or KFC as it is now known, … KFC Beyond Fried Chicken:KFC is … I don't always have the time to fry chicken; it is time consuming so I head to either KFC or Popeyes. KFC VS Popeyes: Which Fast Food Franchise Is The Better Investment? Vote. ", We had high expectations for this chicken, as Chick-fil-A boasts that its chicken dishes are made from the most tender part of the breast, then "marinated in special seasonings, hand-breaded, and pressure cooked to perfection. Popeyes. ALL thought the KFC was just about terrible. KFC vs. Popeyes - Fast Food Restaurant Taste Test! Once again, we ordered a 3-piece meal which came in at $5.65. Definitely Popeyes, at least in my area. It's no secret that Popeyes has quite the fan base, so we were excited to put this chain to the test. . The seasoning and the tenderness of the meat gives it the edge. Popeyes is only really good when its hot...but I love the crunch on their chicken! KFC. Popeyes', however, is salty, hard, and has a strange fake butter taste. The breading was bursting with flavor (unlike Church's), and the chicken had just the right amount of tenderness. Overall, we chose Church's over Chick-fil-A because it was more authentic than Chick-fil-A's ground up meat. Popeyes, whose … There are more than 2,600 Popeyes restaurants in more than 40 states and the District of Columbia, Puerto Rico, and 30 countries worldwide. The rules of replying: Be respectful. y'all this is the fried chicken #food competition you were waiting for! Under seasoned and doughy breading and very oily chicken.

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