gibson sg faded neck profile

A rounded profile mahogany neck, bound rosewood fingerboard, long tenon 19th fret neck joint, and a solid mahogany body provide the backbone for singing sustain. The SG Special Faded headstock is carefully angled at Gibson's traditional 17 degrees, which increases pressure on the strings and helps them stay in the nut slots. It is installed into the top surface of the neck, butting up to the end of the fingerboard to ensure proper tone and sustain transfer. The width of the nut on the SG Special Faded is approximately 1 11/16", the traditional nut width of Gibson electric guitars. The SG Special Faded is crafted in classic Gibson style with a glued-in neck made from solid quarter-sawn mahogany and topped with an unbound rosewood fingerboard, minimally … Most of the Slim Tapers I have handled are less rounded, flat on back and feel like a ruler, where the SG Rounded profile has a bit more girth. Nickel Tune-O-Matic bridge and stop bar tailpiece: Original innovative Gibson hardware delivers rock-solid sustain and precise intonation. While the Studio shares the same, modern Slim Taper profile of the Les Paul Standard, the Faded sports a more traditional '59 rounded profile (pictured). The 490R and 490T Alnico II pickups provide the power to drive. The construction is all mahogany (body and neck) and it has the typical SG body shape. The classic SG double cutaway makes for easy access to the higher frets, and the Slim Taper neck profile lends itself nicely to lead and rhythm playing alike. These Gibson Faded guitars have a tone that is exceptional. Gibson uses what is known as the Mortise & Tenon joint to bind neck to body so that the two pieces form one solid unit. The neck of the SG Special Faded is constructed from solid mahogany, cut using the superior "quarter sawn" orientation for improved strength and resonance. When fitting the neck and body together, we take advantage of our precise measuring equipment so that all angles, pitches and alignments maintain a tolerance within .005 of an inch. It is finished with a black, 5-ply full-face pickguard loaded with double black, open-coil 490R and 490T Alnico II loaded pickups. Gibson SG Standard: Play the Legend. The Rounded C is usually .840- .980 or there abouts in depth and is common to the Les Paul Traditional, B.B. Featuring all of the classic look and feel of late '60s SGs, including the "batwing" pickguard, the Gibson SG Standard has a rounded-profile mahogany neck, a bound 22-fret rosewood fingerboard and a solid mahogany body. The repositioned neck joint improved access to the highest frets. The 12-inch radius of the SG Special Faded fingerboard provides smooth note bending capabilities and eliminates "dead" or "choked out" notes, common occurrences on fingerboards with lesser radiuses. I now have a 2011 SG Standard, also with a fst neck. Rosewood fingerboards are known for their rich, round tone and superb definition. The neck on the SG Special Faded is carved to Gibson's comfortable, rounded '50s profile, which offers a smooth playing feel in the hand. Comes with a brand new TKL Hardshell Les Paul case. Gibson’s Nashville-made SG Special takes you back to the formative years of the legendary solidbody electric guitar: small pickguard, P-90 pickups, vintage nitro finish, and all. The adhesive used to join neck and body is Franklin Titebond 50, one of the strongest glues on the market today. Unlike the rest of the Faded Series, except the LP Junior, the SG was outfitted with a chunky but comfortable ‘50s style neck. The Workhorse That Plays Available in Vintage Cherry Satin, and Natural Walnut Satin, the SG Standard Tribute boasts a traditional mahogany body and rounded profile maple neck with rosewood fingerboard. I buy used SG Specials with the thickest neck I can find and prefer the feel of satin finishes. A slim-taper neck with soloist's width, a fast-access neck heel, 61R and 61T humbuckers, titanium bridge saddles, G FORCE™ auto-tuning system, upgraded electronics and wiring, and more, make this a truly great value High Performance guitar. Custom Shop. A few design changes, for starters. The color and grain look amazing. No Version 3 is the standard for R0 guitars . Simple style comes from the faded gloss-nitro finish and classic dot inlays. Anyway, I'm curious to see what Gibson starts putting out and to see if quality goes up in their restructuring process. The average weight of the neck is .96 lbs. Rosewood is both hardwearing and sonically superlative, adding sweetness and depth to the guitar's overall sound. This Faded has it all. This SG’s fast, comfortable SlimTaper neck, bound rosewood fingerboard, and Plek’d frets make for action that’s almost nonexistent. It was in excellent/near mint condition (only one small scrape on body near where the neck joins (can't see it with neck strap on). 'I Love My SG': 10 Guitarists on Their Favorite Guitar. The Gibson SG Standard rocks the classic looks and features associated with the late 60's style SG models sought after by many. This alternative to bone offers a very durable material, delivers enhanced sustain, and benefits from clean and precise string slots. I've also had a 2019 SG Special (not Special Faded) with P90's, that one also had a fat neck. Loaded with Dual 490R and 490T Alnico 2 humbuckers, the SG Standard is a looker as well as a potent performer. i have a baseball bat epi sg, a thin strat neck, a curved tele neck, a flat gretsch neck and even a mega-thin 7-string jackson; they all play the same to me!! The SG Special Faded fingerboard carries acrylic dot position markers. King Lucille, Les Paul Custom and some other Gibsons. any Gibson except for a few Les Pauls that were many times more expensive than this SG Faded. An SG Bass joined the lineup in 2008. A maple neck on an SG is historically accurate- for the 70's SG enthusiast. Tonal, Resonant, and/or Technical Effect: 1.695" @ nut, The SG Bass has the legendary looks, sound and feel which made it one of Gibson's most iconic basses. Explore Custom Shop. Its solid mahogany body packs all the resonance and sustain that has helped to make SGs legendary, and it sports the beveled edge that is such a big part of this model's distinctive styling, while also enhancing playing comfort. The neck of the SG Special Faded carries an unbound rosewood fingerboard, the traditional fingerboard of the original SG Standard. Likely the most common Faded Gibson available, the Faded SG wore 490 Alnico humbuckers and came finished in brown, cherry, or yellow, a Musician’s Friend exclusive. SG Standard and SG Special: What's the difference. Under this thin skin, however, today's Gibson USA SG Special Faded runs neck-and-neck with the flagship of the SG family. Like the other High Performance models we’ve seen over the last few years, the 2018 Gibson SG Standard HP Has Gibson’s self-tuning mechanism on … This neck shape has been a favorite with many players, and echoes the chunkier neck shapes of many SG Standards of the mid '60s. The Gibson logo — one of the most globally recognized logos of all time — is silkscreened in gold across the top of the headstock face of the SG Special Faded. Slim Taper neck, mahogany body, solid rosewood fingerboard and classic PAF humbucking pickups deliver the signature sound and feel of the great SG of the past six decades. Gibson's traditional truss rod, found in most all of our guitars, is highly responsive to the individual adjustments you'll want to make to personalize and optimize string action and sustain. The short scale length is actually a big part of this sound! Features: Gibson 2016 Body: Mahogany Neck: Mahogany, glued-in Neck profile: SG Rounded Fingerboard: Rosewood Fingerboard inlays: Trapezoid Fingerboard radius: 12" Frets: 22 Nut width: 1.6875" (42,9 mm) Scale: 25.5" (648 mm) Neck pickup: Gibson Mini Humbucker Bridge pickup: Gibson Mini Humbucker … $4,199.00. Each instrument celebrates Gibson’s legacy through accuracy, authenticity and attention to detail. Mahogany set 60's neck with 22-fret rosewood fingerboard. And maybe most importantly of all, it used a slim neck profile that Gibson called the "fastest neck in the world" - and they just may have been right about that. The comfortable, slim taper mahogany neck and bound rosewood fingerboard is well known for fast, effortless playing. We use cookies to understand how you use our site, give you an awesome experience, and deliver our services. Satin Finish solid body with maple top. I like both the pickups, though I notice that the bridge pickup is not as loud as the neck pickup. In 2005 the CG runs were different . The angled, classical-style peg head and mahogany neck work together to provide exceptional tonal richness and resonance from the neck, with a good string definition and sustain. While the short scale length of the SG Bass is preferred by smaller players, it's also preferred by many for the strong fundamental tone for which this short scale bass is known. 1 Finish Options The SG Faded brings legendary Gibson SG performance alive with a spirited, worn finish. Immortalized by Santana at Woodstock and smashed onstage by Townshend, the Gibson SG Standard is a rock icon. The Gibson Custom Shop is the pinnacle of craftsmanship, quality and sound excellence. By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and agree to our, Dense and self-lubricating for great sustain and accurate return to pitch, Improved sonic depth, and feels great under the fingers, New Faded Gloss nitrocellulose finishing process for a more authentic vintage look, 2 volumes, 2 tones and 1 toggle switch for absolute tonal control. 2016 model of the Gibson SG Special equipped with two mini humbuckers. An increase in string pressure also means there is no loss of string vibration between the nut and the tuners, which equals better sustain. Sure tone, tunings and string tensions change between each, but after about 7-8 mins i barely even notice. This time-tested technique has been used for millennia in all the great woodworking arts—from shipbuilding to cabinetry—to create one solid wood unit from two separate sections, and has been proven to yield a stronger neck and body than if the instrument was made from a single piece of wood. The SG Special Faded sports 22 medium-jumbo frets, the preferred size of rock and blues players looking for optimum playing comfort, tone, and easy bending. Around 2000 through 2009, Gibson introduced the SG Classic, which harked back to a Junior/Special type design, with bound mahogany fret board with dot inlays and two P-90 pickups, with a thin '60s neck profile. Sounds like more of a USA shape than a CS neck . Sustains for days! The SG Special returns to the classic design that made it relevant, played and loved -- shaping sound across generations and genres of music. This neck shape has been a favorite with many players, and echoes the chunkier neck shapes of many SG Standards of the mid '60s. It’s clean, looks beautiful, and sounds incredible. Not only does this help to keep your guitar in tune but it also maintains proper string alignment relative to the fingerboard. Copyright © 2020 Gibson Brands, Inc. All rights reserved. I would bet that only one in a thousand guitarists would be able to pick out the sound of a maple neck'd SG over a mahogany one. SG Special Faded has a specially molded nut, made from a hard-wearing acrylic polymer. 2.260" @ end of board, Better Hum canceling w/rev polarity Gibson SG Standard. Ultimately, the SG Faded 2017 HP delivers the best of both worlds in supercharged instrument. Explore The SG Collections. It features the same basic core features but in a cheaper package. The above pic is referring to Historic Gibson neck shapes. Better Hum canceling w/rev polarity, SS infused polycarbonate for ESD protection, Gibson USA Guitar Strap, Gibson USA Polishing Cloth, Tross rod wrench, 2.5mm adjustment wrench. I have a 2005 Faded 60's neck USA and it's bigger than any CS 60"s neck I have .So it's when it was made and for whom it was made ,IMO. This early 60's style SG Special has the vibe and sound heard on countless classic rock recordings. Ziggy14 . They have come with a bunch of neck profiles and neck … Each SG Special comes with adjustment literature, and documentation for the guitar’s Limited Lifetime Warranty, along with Gibson’s 24/7/365 Customer Service. It has a rosewood fretboard with 22 frets and dot inlays. In terms of playability, the rounded neck is thicker, which can result in increased sustain and may be better for players with larger hands. The Gibson SG Special Faded Worn Brown is a lower budget version of the famous Gibson SG Standard. The guitar is feather-weight and a pleasure to play gig with or just whip out if … The Standard is by far the best of the bunch, the 2019 Special was the worst. 2016 SG Special Faded T has the SG Rounded neck profile that is chunky with a good amount of shoulder. Anyway, the neck has a 60'ish profile, ebony fretboard, low profile, plays super smooth, very fast neck (reminds me of my '64 & '66 Mosrite guitars). The neck on the SG Special Faded is carved to Gibson's comfortable, rounded '50s profile, which offers a smooth playing feel in the hand. Like all classic Gibson guitars, the necks on the SG Standard Basses are distinguished by one of the more traditional features that have always set them apart — a glued neck joint. The SG's thin, flat-topped mahogany body made it comfortable and nimble to play. 1961 Les Paul SG Standard Reissue Stop Bar.

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